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From YM magazine:

Majandra Delfino plays kooky Maria — one of the non-aliens from the hit TV show Roswell. We caught up with her to find out about the show and get the news on her brand new album The Sicks. It’s a dark and funky CD, which might come as a surprise to some Maria fans…

Which do you enjoy more, acting or singing?
I would definitely say singing. Acting came a lot later in my life. I’ve been singing professionally since I was like 11, when I was in a band in Miami, with three of my friends, called China Dolls. Our managers had this great image of us being like Spice Girls or something, but we just didn’t get to do what we wanted, so we split up. Now two of the girls have a deal with Sony and the other has a deal with BMG, so everybody’s got it together.

How did you feel when you eventually got the part of Maria in Roswell?
Well, logic said it was a great opportunity, but I always knew that I wanted to be a singer. I figured it would just buy me more time to get everything perfect. I’m really happy with my CD The Sicks and I think had I rushed it, it would have been different. I have been working on it the entire time I’ve been on Roswell. Now it’s finally done and I’m 100% pleased.

And how would you describe the album?
I don’t know. It’s hard to describe your own sound. I’ve heard it be described in many different ways. I guess I would say, it’s like dark electronic, very melody based, and a strong vocal.

Do you think your Roswell fans would be surprised by your music?
Yeah, unfortunately they think that I’m like Maria. At first they are really shocked when they read about me in interviews and they’re like, “That’s so not Maria. This girl is so dark and like too tough.” But now other kids have come out of the woodwork that are not fans of Roswell, just fans of the music, so that’s great.

What’s the coolest thing about working on the show?
I would say just getting to know everybody. We’ve been there three years straight, and there are people that I don’t think I’ll ever stop being friends with. Brendan Fehr, Shiri Appleby, and Nick Wexler, we’ll go out, eat, hang out at each other’s houses.

And there have always been these rumors about you and Brendan Fehr. Can you give us the latest scoop on you two?
Brendan and I dated and then we broke up and became really good friends. He’s like my son and I’m like his daughter, it’s one of those things. But people see us out together and they assume that that means we’re still together, but we’re not.

How did it feel to be going out with the same person on-screen and off?
It was weird. It was very intrusive and so annoying. The thing is, I couldn’t be more different than Maria. And he couldn’t be more different than Michael. Brendan’s like a very serious Christian. He wears glasses, he’s not like this tough guy — I mean, he can be tough, but he’s not. He’s the most well-behaved boy — he’s never been drunk, he’s never touched a drug, and then I’m the girl from Miami with all the tattoos.

So are you way wilder than Maria?
Not wilder, just not a high school cheeseball. I would have thrown stuff at Maria if we went to high school together. We wouldn’t have talked.

It’s weird that you and Brendan were so attracted to each other in the first place.
I think that what attracted us is we both have a very strong religious thing. Mine isn’t so much by the book, but I believe certain things. It’s really weird, but we have a lot of things in common that you wouldn’t see. He’s from Canada; I’m from Venezuela. I mean, go figure. But there are just certain things there that mean we really get along.

Is there life for you after Roswell?
I definitely think so. Not in TV, ’cause I’ve done the TV thing, but definitely movies and singing.

Are you worried that Roswell won’t get picked up for another season?

It’s kind of crazy. Whenever people are saying our show’s not going to come back it always does, so we don’t really let it affect us. We’re young, you know, we can look on the bright side of everything. If it doesn’t go on, it’s not the end of the world; if it does, then great.

Is it tough when you work so hard on something, not to know if it will succeed?
I think for everybody else it does. For me, that would be devastating if that happened with my CD. But as for the acting, it’s like, well, I’ll just go on to another job where they’ll put me in their clothes and tell me what to say.

— Sarah Tomczak