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post Nov 25 2007, 06:17 AM
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Okay so….first things first. All of you beauties need to become my friends on quarterlife.com
Wait, let me explain…
My beautiful Husband – oops I need to go even further back…. Devon and I tied the knot October 6th of this year and yes yes I believe there will be a spread in InStyle. But just when it was time for our honeymoon – no go. I was whisked back to Lala land instead to join the cast of characters on the new show Quarterlife….(which also happens to be a show Devon is writing on )
As for Devon’s “acting on” show, State of Mind – I am obsessed and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of how I can rally the troops together (those who share my love of the show) to get it on for another season! Keep me posted…
So that brings us up to speed. So now, quarterlife.com, you must must join. It’s such fun and the show is guaranteed to make you Roswell fans happy – after all Jason Katims did emerge from the Marshall/Ed team back in the day…. So what in sweet baby Jesus’ name are you waiting for? I miss you guys and love you like a crazed, ovulating, PMSing dame loves chocolate.