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Majandra Answers some questions on her message board

Majandra has been answering fan questions on her message board the last few days. For those that don’t regularly visit the board I thought I would compile the list of questions with the answers Majandra gave in her post. To see the whole thread you can find it here.

Carisma asks “favorite cereal?”

Majandra “Fav Cereal, none. Dont eat cereal, its a waste of space. My stomach is more of a meat and potatos kinda stomach.”

Hybrid Girl asks “Can you tell us what reason motivated you to dye your hair such a dark brown? Can you tell us if it will stay dark brown for Roswell or go back to blond?”

Majandra “As for the dark brown, I love it dark, chick with dark hair are hot.”

sugachild asks “Why all the sexy foto’s Mo? Are you making a statement?( btw love your outfit on eonline, i thought the one shoulder was cute!)”

Majandra “As for being sexy, wasnt trying but thanx for the compliment I guess. I never would have thought that such a fun shoot as the FHM one was, actually the ONLY Shoot Ive ever beein in where I got to do and dress how I wanted, but I guess it offended alot of people, who’d of thunk? As for the E-online, clearly my shirt sleeve fell, but for all of you that myanot be as quick, now you have it.”

TeflonCandygirl asks “Play any sports in high school?”

Majandra “No sports ion high school, just piano and ballet and a music group.”

Postman asks “What would be yours TOP 5 Roswell Episodes?? And why are those episodes your favorite ones??”

Majandra “Fave episodes, 1947 cuz it was fun to be a different character and I loved Independance day cuz Brendan really got to show his amazing sweet and soft side.”

TeflonCandygirl asks “How do you keep in shape?”

Majandra “Ballet. Thats how I keep in shape. Also I am a 20 year old in literally a 14 year olds body. Im a little behind so Im prepubescent, but everyone thinks im just slim. Jussssst wait!”

BelleStarr asks “What’s your favorite book? What was the last book you read? What roles in acting do you like best?”

Majandra “Fave book Prozac Nation. latest book Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut.Fave Cd (no one asked but hey) right now its Erykah Badu-Mama’s Bag and Bjork Vesperten (I dont know how to spell it). Roles I want to play-anything with dimension man. You know what im sayin?”

boricualiz asks “what issues spark the most interest in you? humanitarian, earth, or animal rights? What social groups are you most fond of donating time or help to? march of dimes, latinos against drunk driving, que?”

Majandra “Organizations. Anything regarding sick or needy children. the idea of a childrens hospital turns my stomach. Children are our angels and should do nothing but have innocent fun. and live in dreamland as long as possible. Such behavior in my opinion makes amazing and deep adults.”

JosephinePotterLeery asks “Well,Majandra I have a question about your outcoming CD…do you think you are going to promote it just in the states or even across europe maybe,italy)? Obviously I hope the second one!Anyway,good luck for your singer career!”

Majandra “The CD is due out soooooo soon, in a month people. Im excited.”

zajandra asks “are you happy roswell is having a 3rd season??”

Carisma asks “Are you excited to be starting season 3 soon?”

Majandra “YES I am as excited as you guys for season 3, you’re excited right? Ya better be.”

TeflonCandygirl asks “Did you ever have your belly button pierced? I noticed when you were on the swim suit show on E! that when they zoomed up on the suit it looked like you had the little dot scar above your belly button. I got my belly button pierced in December of 2000 and I took it out and it wound up closing and I had that like exact same scar until I got it repierced, which I still do, and now you can’t see the scar anymore.”

Majandra “Oh yes, belly buton was pierced when I was 13 in my boyfriend Travis’s kitchen, his older brother was a piercer. Needless to say 2 years later the parents found it and it was either boarding school or belly ring out. Miami was too musical to leave. And yes I go there ALL the time for months at a time.”

Tariel asks “Stupid, stupid question: OK, your eyebrows are fantastic. They are. Were they naturally that shape?”

Majandra ” My eyebrows, well I must admit while I wish them to be thicker they remain as they are. I do not pluck them because I was raised to believe your natural shape always best fits your face, nothings worse than over plucked eyebrows. My mother’s got beautiful thick brooke shields eyebrows and that is my goal, as impossible as it is.”

faith’s-boy asks “Did you know Aaliyah, the talented artist whom we just lost tragically?”

Majandra “First of all, Aliyah (spelling?) She was a major symbol on Miami and my High School years, while I didnt necessarily own a CD of hers or anything I was definitely a fan enough to be shaken with her death. I mean it’s just so F*@ked up. imagine what she must have been thinking when this teeny tiny plane was going down, all the things she’s accomplished that she wouldnt live to see. Ooooh it just urks me.”

TeflonCandygirl asks “What’s Marieh’s real name and how did she get the nickname Marieh?”

Majandra “My sister’s birth name is Marieh ( mix between the pronounciation of my mom’s name Mary and my Dad Enrique) Mar-ee-ay.”

Here is what I had time to put together so far, I’ll try to do some more later. Anyone interested in helping with this? email me the link is at the top of the page.