Let’s show them how much we want a 3rd Season

Roswell is definitely in danger of not returning next season. Pulling the show for 6 weeks is not a good sign. It may improve our rating average but it is still not good to have the show gone from the air for 6 weeks. People forget so easily and now is the time to act.

We think we should show the executives at The WB, Warner Brothers, Time Warner, Fox and Regency just how many of us want a 3rd Season of Roswell.

This petition is for EVERYONE to sign. If you are unhappy with this season or love this season you still need to sign so that we can show these executives a united strong Roswell Fan Base who want a 3rd season! We have to all join together to achieve this.

Please sign the petition at:
Bring Roswell back for 3rd season

Please pass the word around to all the egroups (yahoo groups now I guess) to band together as one and sign the petition to get Roswell a 3rd season.

We will be printing the petition and personally taking it to the offices of The WB, Warner Brothers, Time Warner, Fox and Regency here in Los Angeles.

London2LA and Fehrocious