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M.M.M No.9 – Majandra Answers Quesions!!!

Thanks to Sheila for this:

MajandraMusicMania No.9

“Majandra” Fans can read the replies “Majandra” made to the Top Five quesions sent in to her and one of her music manager’s Mr.Anthony Rodriguez , through MajandraMusicMania@yahoo.com . Thank you to all that sent in questions.

Just go to: http://majandramusicmania.isonfire.com/ and click on the indicated picture and away you go! Here is the number five question:

Question by: Erin (ALieN ISaBeL )Skly830par@aol.com Hi there. :-) My
name is Erin and I’m a big fan of yours. I’m absolutely in love with Roswell,
and the character that you play, and from that, I became interested in your
music. My quesion is…When did you realize that singing was something that you
wanted to do, when did you realize that it was a passion, and you had the
talent and drive to pursue a career as a singer? Erin (ALieN ISaBeL)

Majandra: I realized that singing was something that I wanted to do when I wrote
a song strictly for the purpose of therapy and everyone around me loved it. It
then became a way of making life and its problems seem purposeful if I could
make them into something so beautiful and melodic, suddenly life’s pains
were much more tolerable. To mask them this way allowed me to tell everyone what
was going on effortlessly but without the consequences of embarassment.