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Brendan’s commentary on “Max In the City”

Here is Brendan’s commentary from on “Max In The City”:

“So then by the second episode of the Dupes we were told through talks with the producers and the speech coach that we did have on set and just through seeing the first episode it wasn’t so much of the accent it was just an attitude you had to give off that you were cool, that you were punk and it didn’t matter what kind of accent you really threw out there. Because I’ve been to New York and not everyone speaks like you know “New Yawk bblah blah blah” you know some people just spoke like I did – I don’t know what accent that is – I don’t want to say English because people in the South are going “No we speak English down here” – no i’m not going to do a southern accent – i need a speaking coach!

But yeah you – you just – i just realize it was more about attitude and you just automatically become more comfortable with the role and I figured if I was going to look stupid I might as well look stupid going the whole way because I might pull something I didn’t know out of me so I gave it a shot. I think I did a lot better in the second episode, I thought I was almost good – so that’s how I prepared for it – just er – sometimes it takes a little while to try to find the character. So I had an enjoyable time doing it. I mean I always knew I had limitations. You know it gave me a chance to play a completely different character and see if I could pull it off. I think for beyond playing the boyfriend or the cool guy or anything playing an actual character character that’s really not Brendan Fehr was the first time I’d done it. I’m happy with the job I did you know on the overall. I didn’t expect to win my Golden Globe for it or anything like that but I’ll walk away happy and just do a better job next time!”