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Brendan in FW mag

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FW – The Art of Living
Issue 21 – Leslie Bibb on the cover.

COMING SOON… by Ellen Himelfarb

“I’d rather not meet the actors, athletes and musicians I really like – they’d probably burst my bubble.” BRENDAN FEHR

Body of article
Those lips: Do they look like the lips of a Mennonite? Perhaps not to you, but then again at 22, Brendan Fehr is a strutting dichotomy. He doesn’t smoke or do drugs, and drinks very seldom, yet his favourite band is Metallica. “I’m an obsessed fan, on the verge of – if I had more time – stalking them.” He despises gossip and rumours, yet he relocated from his native Winnipeg (via Vancouver) to Los Angeles, the most expansive gossip mill of the western hemisphere, for a starring role in the Roswell series.

He won’t say whether he’s single, though by his mischievous smirk and playful “no comment,” he’s sure to be hiding something. That said, his ideal Saturday night is a slothful excursion with the boys. “Going to The Pemby in Winnipeg with my buddies, playing some pool, looking at girls, then driving to Perkins for a bacon chicken melt ’til four in the morning.” A true Canadian at heart. Fehr currently co-stars with Devon Sawa in the teen thriller Final Destination.


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