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Roswell in Disney Adventures

Thanks to Roswellian311 for this:

Disney Adventures – March 2001

Page 20 – Alien Invasion!

There is an article, small pic of Jason, a small pic of Colin, and a cast pic
from season 1.

Here is the article:

Pamela F., 15, of Kings Park, New York, wants the scoop on the
out-of-this-world stars of “Roswell.” Jason Behr, who plays Max Evans,
starred in his first play at age 5. After high school, Behr left his hometown
of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and headed for Hollywood. Soon he landed roles on
shows like “Step by Step,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “7th Heaven,” and
“Dawson’s Creek.”

Colin Hanks, who plays Alex Whitman, is the son of actor Tom Hanks. The
younger Hanks appeared in the movie his dad directed, That Thing You Do!,
before landing in “Roswell.” He was last seen in the film Whatever It Takes.

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