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Winnipeg Sun: All’s Fehr In Hollywood

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Winnipeg Sun
Friday, March 2, 2001

All’s Fehr in Hollywood
Roswell star’s goal is to take over the world – or at
least Tinseltown

By Pat St. Germain
Brendan Fehr has a simple plan. Work hard, have fun
and, oh yeah, become the single most famous person on
planet Earth.

No, Hollywood hasn’t turned the 23-year-old former
Winnipeg-ger into a raving megalomaniac, but a few
movie roles and steady work on cult-hit TV series
Roswell have given him a taste for fame —
specifically, for the things fame can buy.

“Basically, what an actor tries to do, whether he
wants to admit it or not, is become the most famous
person in the world, because in becoming the most
famous actor in the world you … hold a lot of power,
and in holding a lot of power you get to choose what
you will or won’t do and you get first crack at all
the scripts,” Fehr says during a phone interview from
his L.A. home.