Roswell On AOL

Thanks to SilverChex for this:

On the AOL sign on screen it says: Get your SciFi fix tonight, Roswell on The
WB. Then it lists the time in my timezone with link on Roswell. As soon as
you sign on it takes you to The WB home page. Too bad AOL doesn’t realize
that Roswell isn’t on tonight. But they did try to point all of their members
there which we all know is quite considerable. Must be Roswell fans over

Thanks to Crashdown*Chik for this :)

Hey Crashdown! Guess what? When i signed off AOL today (Monday the 19th at
10:30 P.M, on the goodbye screen it said:

Dont’ miss your sci fiction fix: Watch Roswell (it was a link to the WB
site) Mondays at 9pm on the WB!!!

AHH!! i was soo exited!! YAY!! :)