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Transcript of Colin On Regis and Kelly

Thanks to Lilybunny who transcribed Colin’s interview on the Colin Hanks message board. Head over to the Colin board and be sure to thank her for doing the interview for everyone.

Here you go (please note that the comments in the () are mine )
C=Colin Hanks, R=Regis Philbin, K=Kelly Ripa

R: He’s quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought out young actors starring roles in the WB’s alien drama Roswell and in the new movie Get Over it. And here’s Colin Hanks. Colin, how you doing?

C: Good, how are you? (Shakes his hand)

R: Say hello to Kelly Ripa

C: Hello Kelly (kisses her cheek)

K: How are you?

C: Very good, very good. Thanks for having me.

K: Thanks for being here

C: My pleasure

R: How you doing Colin?

C: I’m good. A little tired, but good.

R: Are you? Why are you tired?

C: Well, a little whirlwind thing. I live in Los Angeles�

R: Yeah.

C: Flew in last night.

R: Couldn’t sleep I bet.

C: Couldn’t sleep.

K: Well, when you have a hit movie you’ve got to get out there and let people see you.

C: Yeah, I gotta, you know, it’s a lot of hard work. I’ve been shooting nights all last week�flew out here�

R: for Roswell?

C: for Roswell, and then back to Los Angeles later on tonight.

R: Good for you. But meanwhile you’ve got Get Over It out there and Roswell working too – so you’re hot Colin. You’re hot! (I’ll say! Lol)

C: I’m doing alright. Yeah. Thank you (to applause)

R: Now Colin is a big Star Wars fan.

C: Huge Star Wars fan.

R: Now ere you one of those guys – one of those young groupies that waited in line there for the Phantom Menace?

C: Yeah. I camped out for 25 hours. I slept on the streets. I didn’t get to go either. I had to work the night that I had gotten tickets.

R: You waited in line�

C: Well the story is that I had actually seen it. I went with my father to a sort of advanced screening. So I had already seen the movie but I wanted to camp out�

K: Wanted to sleep outside

C: � for the experience of it. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous but it was actually a lot of fun because, you know.

K: did you meet anybody?

C: well, yeah. I mean there was a ton of people out there which was, that was kinda cool. So you got to meet a bunch of interesting people. Some were normal like me and some were not too normal. I know it sounds weird but it was a good experience – it was just fun because, you know, they don’t let you camp out for concert tickets anymore. And you always hear stories like “Oh, I remember when Aerosmith came to town. I camped out”. You know?

R: How do you go to the bathroom when you’re in line for 25 hours?

C: Well the key was, is you have to find a business – some sort of food place where you go and you buy food and then you’re allowed to use the bathroom. So you know, you go, you buy a Pepsi, you pour the Pepsi out, you go to the bathroom, you save face.

K: Or you could wear an undergarment. (Raise your hand if EW!)

C: (laughs) I’m sure some people did that, but I�

K: those are the diehards.

C: (nods in agreement) Those are the diehards.

R: The guy next to you saves your place in line?

C: yeah, well I actually went with a couple of friends and we actually sort of did the rotating shift sort of stuff.

R: well, it’s something you’ll always remember.

C: Yeah, well you wanna know what, as ridiculous as it may sound it was a lot of fun. It was a good time.

R: And when you say your dad took you to see the screening of it beforehand, your father, of course, is Tom Hanks.

C: Yes.

R: We’ll be right back in just a moment.


R: Colin Hanks – our guest right now. Now we talked about Roswell and I wonder if you ever hear from any of the fans of the show who tell you they’ve seen sightings or whatever.

C: Well we’ve got great fans on the show and they were really very instrumental in us coming back for a second season but every now and again you’ll get one fan that’s sort of crosses some sort of line – what the line is I’m really not sure. When I was in Toronto making Get Over It I got in a Taxicab – and you know if you’re an American up in Toronto chances are you’re making a movie or a TV show or something.

K: Sure.

C: So he says ‘well, would I know you from anything?’ so I said ‘Well, I’m on this WB show called Roswell’ and he said ‘Oh well is that about the aliens?’ I said ‘yeah’. He said ‘Oh well that’s very funny because I’ve got a story for you. You know I’ve had an alien as a fare once.’ And of course I said ‘Wait, you had an alien affair? What? What are you saying?’ And he said ‘No. As a FARE’. And my friend said ‘Well, what sort of tipped you off?’ He said ‘Well, Oh, he changed shape to his alien shape and then, you know, changed back to his human shape.” And thank God that was right when we got to where we were going and I gave the man a big tip and said ‘Take it easy man’ and that was sort of it.

R: You think New York city cab drivers are weird

C: Yeah, exactly

R: Try those Canadian guys!

C: Exactly, exactly.

R: so, Get Over It, we’ve had some folks on the show already on this movie.

C: Really?

R: Yeah.

K: You play the best friend of the guy who gets dumped.

C: Yes, I play Ben Foster’s best friend

K: And you’re going to help him Get Over It?

C: Yes, that’s my sort of goal in the movie�my objective.

R: and what is it that he’s getting over?

C: Well, he was dumped by his long time girlfriend. He sort of has this idea that his girlfriend and him were destined to be together. Not in a bad way – in a very romantic sort of way. And she just doesn’t’ see it that way. So my job is to sort of help him try and get over it.

R: Yeah, but in the meantime here you are talking to your sister about you saw her kissing your best friend (referring to the clip we are about to see)

C: Yeah, because that wasn’t my idea

R: The best friend isn’t grieving that much is he?

C: Yeah. That wasn’t my idea of getting over it.

R: Let’s look at this scene now. Colin Hanks

(Plays a scene from Get Over It with Colin and Kirsten Dundst)

C: See, the older brothers are wise.

R: That’s right

C: The older brother knows

R: They should listen to you.

C: Exactly

K: He’s an older brother with a heart

C: Exactly

R: I think Colin Hanks is gonna be a big star just like his old man. I mean it!

C: Thank you very much.

R: Get Over It in the theatres right now. Colin – great having you on the show.

C: Thank you very much Regis. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

(Shakes Regis’ hand and gives Kelly a kiss on the cheek again (lucky girl!) and waves goodbye to the audience)