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The Hollywood Gene Project – Majandra Delfino

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Special Stars of the WB Edition of the Hollywood Gene Project

Because ’80s nostalgia never dies, we still revere the classic teen movies of the era and have an unconscious affinity for contemporary actors that remind us of the stars of yesteryear. Or is it unconscious? Fametracker reveals the shocking news that the current stars of various WB dramas were deliberately modeled on the faces that populated many a teen romp back in the day.

Molly Ringwald/Majandra Delfino

There was a time when it ran counter to Hollywood by-laws to cast a teen movie without at least offering a role to Molly Ringwald, indisputably the poutiest actor of her generation. Sullen as the summer day was long, Ringwald imperiously pouted over many a John Hughes production until she got too old to play seventeen-year-olds…and then she moved to France and was practically never heard from again. Even if the Hollywood Geneticists never revived any other Brat Packer, Molly was the Princess of teen movies, and her legacy had to live on. The Geneticists named her Majandra Delfino, after they tried to make an anagram of Molly’s name and couldn’t come up with anything until they threw a “j” and an “f” in there. (The Hollywood Geneticists would like to apologize for the inadequate lab security that allowed the freakish first attempt at a Ringwald clone, known as “Jessica Alba,” to escape and find her way to Fox.)