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SnowJob ’01 Update – Brendan

Thanks to Samantha for this:

I was just on the Snow Job ’01 website looking for when Brendan will be on and it looks like over the weekend (most likely on Sunday–the broadcast schedule can be found further down on this pg )
I found this pic on the bottom of this page under This or That and has a Brendan picture with this: Sometimes we wonder about the meaning of life. sometimes we wonder about world peace. other times, we’re just curious about this…or that…Today, Brendan Fehr reveals all…
When you click, there is a picture of Brendan next to this:

Fleece or Wool?
– Wool

Cell or Pager?
– Pager

Big Mac or Whopper?
– Big Mac

Muffin or Bagel?
– Muffin

In-ie or Out-ie?
– In-ie

Pomade or Gel?
– Pomade