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US Weekly: Ton Hanks’s Son Shines

Here’s the blurb on Colin from US Weekly. I hope no one minds too much that most of the information in the news area are about Colin today

Tom Hanks’s Son Shines

Tom Hanks already has two Oscars and may get a third for Cast Away, but that doesn’t mean his son Colin is feeling any pressure to grab his own statuette. “That’s not going to happen anytime soon,” the younger Hanks, 23, tells Hot Stuff. “I’m just concerned about finding jobs and making a living.” Getting work hasn’t been too hard. Hanks stars in The WB’s Roswell and the new teen movie Get Over It, in which he plays a high schooler who finds out that his best friend has fallen for his kid sister, a role that hits close to home. For years, Hanks has warned pals that his younger sister, Elizabeth, now 19 and a college student, is off-limits. “They know better than that,” he says. “If they ever tried anything, I’d pretty much pummel them, like I do in the movie.”