Various Upcoming Cast Sightings


Thanks to Kate for this. I taped the episode myself but if anyone has any screen caps of him in the episode yesterday, let me know. I’d love to show everyone how he looked in the episode

Jason Behr was on Step by Step, a re-run on FoxFamily, on 3-14-01. He was
playing the role of a dumb, but funny friend of one of the leads. He was
dressed, and spoke like Beavis and Butthead with another actor. VERY funny.
Didnt catch the name of the episode though. I’ll keep my eyes out. (Factiod:
That episode also had other WB stars, including Jen from Dawsons Creek as the
‘Bad Seed’, and The Coach lady from Popular as a hrad core Police officer. )

Thanks to Katrina for this:

Jason Behr was on Step By Step, [March 14 ; 7:30P.M.] he played Larry, it was
a Halloween episode. His costume was Beavis.

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I think these dates and times for the rerun of the TV Guide Awards (with JB
presenting) are slightly different than what was posted a few days ago.
Show times
Date Time Channel
Sunday, 18 9:00 PM 11 KSPX
Saturday, 24 9:00 PM 11 KSPX

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Rights of Passage

Saturday, 17 4:15 PM 63 HBOPL
Wednesday, 21 10:45 PM 63 HBOPL
Monday, 26 11:15 AM 63 HBOPL


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On March 19th on Late Night With Conan O’Brien (after The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno), Dido will be the musical guest. So watch it!!

Late Night With Conan O’Brien
Monday, March 19th
12:35 AM
Heather Graham
Julie Warner
Musical Guest – Dido


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Bride of Chucky
Wednesday, 14 1:05 AM 65 STARZ!
Sunday, 18 10:05 PM 65 STARZ!
Wednesday, 21 11:15 PM 65 STARZ!

Wish Upon a Star
Saturday, 17 1:00 PM 24 DISNEY
Saturday, 17 7:30 PM 24 DISNEY

Bug Buster
Monday, 19 7:25 PM 79 TMC


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The Green Mile
Thursday, 22 8:00 PM 99 SHOW
Monday, 26 12:30 AM 99 SHOW