Chicago Roswell Gathering

Thanks to Crystal for sending this in :)

Greetings from Chicago!

In January, Chicago Roswell Fans held a Roswell Bash for fans in and
around the Chicago land area. We had
attendees from IL, WI, IN, KY, and even Seattle!

We are thinking of planning ANOTHER Roswell party to
Wrap-Up the Second Season of Roswell and would like a
preliminary head count to see who is interested!

Tentative dates are: MOST LIKELY: June 23rd
Backup dates: June 2nd or 3rd

We are not sure about activities, costs, etc., as we
need to know who is interested, and look into costs!

If you would be interested in attending something like
this, please let us know!

Send a short email saying you would be interested to: (Crystal)
or (Matt)

We will add you to the party mailing list!

We want to make this party a reality, so please let us
know if you are interested!

Roswell Chicago

For more information, please visit:
Chicago Party Info