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Nick Article In The Akron Beacon Journal-Ohio

Thanks to JediNite26 for this:

Just wanted to let you know that Nick Wechsler is in an article in today’s
Akron Beacon Journal. He was in cleveland over the weekend and the reporter interviewed him. It is on the internet at www.ohio.com/bj, then go to the features section for today. Pretty nice article, the paper has a cool pic of him and one of the cast too.

I’m posting a little of the article here:

Down to Earth
`Roswell’ actor is quite candid about WB show and Hollywood

During a recent trip to Northeast Ohio, Nick Wechsler downplayed his acting abilities.

“I’m not as good an actor as I am someone who can make people laugh,” said the co-star of The WB’s series Roswell, who was in the area to promote the drama.

He then proceeded to make his point by making fun of the unreality of show business, where “someone comes up and straightens your shirt when it should be wrinkled . . . where you’re supposed to be sweaty but between scenes they comb your hair.”

Nor did he spare Roswell, a saga of extraterrestrial teens living among the normal folk in Roswell, N.M.