What’s In Store For “Roswell” Now That “Buffy”‘s Gone?

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This doesn’t directly effect Roswell but it could very well indirectly
effect it. It has now been made official, Buffy is moving to UPN.
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I was just watching the 10:00 pm WB news and they reported that Buffy is going to be moved to UPN. I guess they outbid the WB. Brenden Fehr commented saying that he thinks this move does NOT bode well for Roswell. His exact comments were ” I think I were out of here”. He also mentioned that he just found out this morning. If this is the case then the WB execs win the morons of the year award.

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Found this in a story at on Buffy moving to UPN.
However, if The WB surrendered “Angel,” UPN could have two evening
springboards or companion pieces to potentially broaden UPN’s appeal
with female viewers.
As for The WB, the Frog network could look to several young-skewing
dramas in development for next season or move “Charmed” (produced by
Aaron Spelling Television) from Thursday into “Buffy’s” soon-to-be
vacated 8-to-9 p.m. Tuesday (ET) time slot. A promotion of “Roswell”
into “Buffy’s” old slot may be more problematic since the former is also
produced by 20th Century Fox Television, which might also be amenable to
selling the alien series to UPN if The WB retaliates by canceling the