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I would simply like to pass along news from a short article about
“Roswell” that I saw on the website today(4/5/01). In this
article, Ronald Moore discussed what to expect in the remaining episodes of
“Roswell” for this season. More importantly though, he said that it would
be these episodes that the WB executives would be looking at very closely in
terms of ratings performance, especially those during the May sweeps period.
Consequently, how well these episodes do will have a great impact on the
whether “Roswell” gets picked up for a third season. I know this is
probably common sense, but as a devoted fan, I thought I should point it out
anyway. So be sure to remind everyone just how important it is to have
everyone possible to watch every episode of “Roswell” when it returns on
April 16.

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I always enjoy reading Roswell related news on your site so I thought I’d
point out this article just posted on the Sci-fi Wire. It at: and
entitled: Change Comes To Roswell.

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9:00am ET, 5-April-01

Change Comes To Roswell

Ronald D. Moore–co-executive producer of The WB’s Roswell–told SCI FI
Wire that the show will undergo a major change when it returns later
this month.

The teen alien series returns April 16 with an episode that centers on
the high-school prom, Moore said.

“It’s very much about the relationships and the kids and things
happening within the group, with Max [Jason Behr] and Liz [Shiri
Appleby] at the center of it all,” Moore said in an interview. “In the
next episode, there’s a shocking change in the cast. … There’s a death
that affects everyone. And in turn, that is the catalyst for everything
else that happens, the hows and whys of that character dying affect

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A spokeswoman for The WB denied rumors that its teen alien series Roswell
has been canceled. Rumors to that effect were circulating on the Internet
over the weekend.
“We won’t have any definite answers or commitments for shows coming back
until May 15,” the spokeswoman told SCI FI Wire. That’s the time when The WB
will make its pitch to advertisers for the fall season, the so-called
“upfront” presentation.
Roswell–which was taken off the air in March and replaced with Gilmore
Girls–will return with new episodes on April 16.

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