Spoilerish Article On Upcoming Plotline

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Monday, April 9, 2001

Death on ‘Roswell’

One of the stars from the WB’s sci-fi teen drama “Roswell” won’t be returning next season.

When the show returns on Monday, April 16, after a brief hiatus, one of the characters will be killed off, zap2it.com reports.

“In the next episode, there’s a shocking change in the cast,” said Ronald D. Moore, the co-executive producer of the show. “There’s a death that affects everyone.

“In turn, that is the catalyst for everything else that happens.”

According to E Online’s TV gossip columnist Wanda, the doomed character will be Alex Charles Whitman, who is played by Colin Hanks.

Meanwhile, the future of “Roswell” is still shaky. Moore said the network will have to judge the show’s performance during the May sweeps to decide whether it will be back next season.