AICN: Roswell News – Be Prepared To Read

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Mostly Bad News For ROSWELL Fans!!
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THE GOOD: “Roswell” was the “on the bubble” show most USA Today readers voted to save, according to paper’s Tuesday edition. Read all about it here. (“The Geena Davis Show” and “The Weber Show,” for those keeping track, received the fewest votes.)

THE BAD: Media buyers and ad execs have been e-mailing us all day, suggesting that Fox (which produces “Roswell”) has already gotten unofficial word that, despite the fan outcry, the WB will definitely not renew “Roswell” for next season. Fox, you’ll recall, also produces one of the WB’s highest-rated shows, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” which is leaving the WB for UPN at the end of this season. The WB is said to be none too happy about Fox moving “Buffy” to UPN. The WB also has another teen-alien series, “Smallville,” from sister company Warner Bros. Television, set to debut this autumn. Official word of “Roswell’s” cancellation is expected at the WB’s New York “upfront” presentation in two weeks.

THE UGLY: TV Guide now indicates the WB will air “Roswell’s” so-called “lost episode,” “Off the Menu” (the one in which Brody Davis learns there are aliens living in Roswell), on May 14 (exactly one week before what we now assume will be the series finale). It’ll be interesting to see how the show accounts for the lack of continuity; this episode takes place before the prom, before Alex dies, and before Max takes off Tess’ bra.
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