June 2001 J-14

Thanks to Maya for this :)

Lots os stuff in the new June 2001 issue of J-14…

page 14- Scene Everywhere
Alien Encounter
Roswell’s Jason Behr and Katherine Heigl had a cosmic connection at a party celebrating Mossimo’s Spin on Spring and benefitting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
(pic of Jason and Katie smiling at the cameras)

page 44- You Asked
Q: “Does Roswell’s Jason Behr believe in aliens?” -Leann, Kentucky
A: The talented 27-year-old hottle known as Max Evans says that he does believe something exists out there in space, but he’s not sure if it’s stereotypical “little green men.” “If you sit and you look at a map of the galaxy and the universe, you feel really small,” he says. “You feel like there has to be something else out there- at least you hope, The idea of us being the only ones in the entire universe, I think is rather sad.”

page 81- What the Stars Really Think About Slim Shady
Em’s “Stan” partner says, “I think it’s so refreshing to have a popular artist who is prepared to say what they think, and to know it’s not all deadly serious. Eminem does his own thing and he does it in a completely unique way.”

page 104- Readers’ Picks
Television- Hottest TV Stars
Jason Behr came in at #5 (last issue he wasn’t on the top 10)
Television- Best TV Shows
Roswell came in at #6 (last issue it wasn’t on the top 10)
Music- Favorite Songs
“Thank You” by Dido came in at #5 (last issue it wasn’t on the top 10)