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NY Post: Hard work not alien to ‘Roswell’ star

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From the “Starr Report” – NY Post

Hard work not alien to ‘Roswell’ star

The WB won’t announce its fall schedule or the future of sophomore series “Roswell” until next week. But that doesn’t mean “Roswell” star Shiri Appleby (who plays Liz Parker) is waiting by the phone.

Appleby, in fact, is busy shooting “Swimfan85,” a teen psychological thriller produced by John Penotti’s Greenestreet Films and Further Films.

In the movie, set at a suburban high school, Appleby and Jesse Bradford play high school sweethearts. He’s a champion swimmer with Olympic aspirations – who catches the eye of a town newcomer (Erika Christensen). The movie is shooting in an around New York and New Jersey.

“Roswell” is one of the WB shows “on the bubble,” meaning it might not be back next season because of its iffy ratings