Various News Reports On Roswell’s Fate

Here’s a variety of articles sent in which I’m doing in one big post..

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This is just a section from mediaweek.

OK Just in from Media Week.

Gilmore Girls could compete head-to-head with the departed Buffy, which UPN
is considering for the same slot the show had on the WB. UPN is also
expected to pick up the sci-fi drama Roswell, one of three dramas not
renewed by the WB, and air it following Buffy at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays. UPN
executives were not available for comment. Other dramas not renewed by WB
were Popular and Jack & Jill.

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Got this from the futon critic website.

THE WB’S OFFICIAL FALL SCHEDULE — While the WB won’t unveil it until
Tuesday, nevertheless the network’s new schedule is together and there’s a
few surprises in store: “Angel” will be back except on Monday night; “Gilmore
Girls” jumps to Tuesdays; “Popstars” to Thursdays; and “Roswell” and
“Popular” are now officially dead at the WB.

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Roswell and Popular get the ax…from GIST TV

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Reiterates Variety report of Roswell cancellation.


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Thought you might like to know that I found some possible Roswell news out on the TVGuide website under News/Gossip. It states that the WB is keeping Angel and moving it to Monday nights in place of Roswell and that UPN is considering picking up Roswell and moving it in the slot behind Buffy. Keep your fingers crossed!