Cinescape: What’s Up With ROSWELL? (Spoilers)

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What’s Up With ROSWELL?
Series creator talks about the coming third season.

Dateline: Thursday, July 19, 2001

By: News Editor
Source: Rob Owen/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

While appearing at the TCA gathering in LA, ROSWELL creator Jason Katims sheds some light on what lies ahead for the series as it starts up on the UPN TV network.

Katims focuses on the character of Tess, saying, “Tess is somewhere out there in the cosmos, and she may return at some later date, but for now, she’s gone. We’re really sort of basing [stories] on character arcs and the theme of next year is change. Tess has left with their only way home, and until now the alien characters all thought [being on Earth] was a temporary situation. Now it’s permanent, and they have to build lives for themselves here.”

Katims also revealed that Colin Hanks will be returning for an episode as a ghost.