Fandom Poll: Roswell under-represented

Thanks to Joan for sending this in!

There is a new on line poll trying to determine the viewing habits of internet fans, and Roswell is really under represented. You can find the survey here

Here is part of the description:

“This page is linked to a survey about how fans watch television and use the internet to expand their enjoyment of what they watch. We’re trying to figure out how many fans are on-line, what they’re watching, and how they’re watching. The results of this survey will determine what fandoms will be offered in an upcoming project.

……It might, however, actually prove to at least a few of TPTB (The Powers That Be) that fans exist, that we watch television shows with a fervor bordering on the mindset of the type of person they wished would watch their shows, that we buy stuff, and that we work for and support darn near anything that will get us more of the shows we love and hold dear (people bought and ate SPAM! for heaven’s sake). “

I saw we show them what we watch!