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FHM Transcript Of Emilie In FHM

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about Emilie being in FHM and thanks to Stephanie for sending the transcript in :)

From FHM July/August 2001

Emilie De Raven (Yes they spelled it this way)

Age: 19

Sci-fi ID: Tess, the fourth alien on Roswell

Special Powers: “My Main one is being able to mind-warp people into thinking something is going on when it isn’t. For example, I could close my eyes and make you think there was a whole room of people here. It’s a talent that has helped me to save us from alien hunters and a lot of bad situations. It’s called ‘thought transference’ and it would be a wonderful thing to have in real life. I could make you think I was 5 foot 10 and all sorts of amazing things.”

Fans Reactions? ‘At first I got terrible mail. I wasn’t welcome because Tess broke up a relationship between two other characters, Max and Liz. It was hard for the viewers to accept another girl in Max’s life and it was like, ‘Get away from him.’ But they warmed up to me a little more now.”

Best alien contact? “When I kiss Max, he gets memory flashes from our home planet. That certainly gets his attention: ‘Man, I get stars when I kiss this chick. She must be really special.’“

Best sci-fi moment?
“Not many people get to save the world during their workday, but I do it nearly every week. My best world-saving moment came when we were pretty much about to be killed by the bad aliens, and Tess – that’s me- closed her eyes and made the entire room burst into flames. I did it knowing the script, but when I opened my eyes and thought, ‘What the hell did I do?’ That was incredible for me to watch later.”

Favorite sci-fi thing? “I’ve watched all of the Star Wars movies and I love them, but apart form that, I’m not a huge sci-fi fan. I am more into the genre now that I’m on Roswell, because I like to see what other people have done and I feel I can use it for my work.”

Do you believe in aliens? “I am still trying to work that out. I’ve had no extraterrestrial or UFO experiences, so I’m not really sure either way.”