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New Brendan Q & A From FHM Magazine

Thanks to Lisa (guerinschick) for sending this in :)

This is from FHM magazine. It’s a Q&A Brendan did over the phone while he
was filming his latest movie.

As a Canadian living in LA what do you most miss about the Great White North?

There’s a real different vibe up there in terms of community and stuff like
that. By comparison, its relatively small, but we don’t live in igloos and we
have all the ammenities that a big city like Los Angeles has.

What was it like growing up in Winnipeg?

There was just no reason to get all fancied up, and if you did, we made fun
of you. In Winnipeg, you go to the bar and if you want to look real spiffy,
like if you’re with a chick, you tuck in the flannel shirt.

What’s the first fashion fad you remember hitting Winnipeg?

We never really paid attention to fads. We’re like Joe Dirt, but we know it.
I don’t want to speak for the whole city and get everybody mad, but I
definitely think thats someone we would enjoy hanging out with. Winnipeg is
the epitome of the tight jeans and white high tops with the tongue sticking
out. We’re still stuck in the mode of mullets.

Did you ever have a mullet?

I have a mullet right now.

I hope you know what your doing?

Kind of, yeah. The tops getting long as well, but the back is actually
touching my shoulders.

Wow, thats impressive.

And we enjoy hard rock music. AC/DC could sell out six nights in a row in
Winnipeg. When Metallica is there, the town just goes nuts. When I went back
and I had totally forgotten about it. I’m listening to the radio station and
they’re like, “Coming up, its Mandatory Metallica”.

What’s Mandatory Metallica?

Every night at 10 o’clock, they have to play Metallica. It’s just a staple of
this one station in Winnipeg. I’m a huge fan of Metallica and anything heavy
metal thats done with a certain sense of style. Not easy to listen to, but
high energy, and you want to scream to it instead of bobbing your head back
and forth between your shoulders.

Now that you’re a teen idol on Roswell, has anyone accused you of being an
egomaniac yet?

The thing that everybody will say is that I have a thing about my hair. I’ve
done my own hair on everything i’ve ever done. I really don’t like people
touching it, and I work with my own hair every day, so I know what it does
and all the crazy cowlicks and whatever else. So basically before every take,
I’ll look in the mirror to see if its fallen or if its sticking up, becasue
if I’m going to be on television, I want to look how I want to look.

Of course.

The hair people look after the other people. And the hair people put just as
much effort into their hair as I do my own, but it just looks funny when the
actor’s doing it, especially being a guy. So on one of the last days of the
season, I’m sitting on the couch doing a scene and a director comes up to me
and he’s like, “Are you ready? and I’m like, “Yeah, lets shoot it. And he’s
like, “Oh, wait just one second”. Suddenly, everybody in the room-grips,
electrics, camera department, directors, producers-whips out a tiny pocket
mirror with my picture on it, flips it open and starts fiddling with their
hair. I though it was rather humerous.

Most guys have a thing for a girl in uniform. What kind do you think is the

The Catholic schoolgirl uniform.


There’s just something about it. When I was in school, you just automatically
did a double take when girls had that nice blue-and-green plaid skirt on with
the socks pulled up high….that Britney Spears thing in her first video,
even though I didn’t really dig Britney Spears in that video.

Do you have an item of clothing that you’re superstitious about?

I do have a lucky pair of underwear.

Do you wear them for big auditions?

Once in a while, but I don’t wear them anymore because they’re almost
unwearable, so I’ve got to be really selective. I mean they’re almost turning
to dust at this point, so in order to take them out, it’s got to be a really
big event.

When did you realize they were lucky?

They just kind of turned lucky. There’s no going, “These are my lucky
underwear”, I wore them for a lot of sports, and then you realize that you
have to have them when the big game comes up.

Even though you’re on TVnow, do you still wash your own socks?

I’m a big laundry freak. I can only wear clothes once before I have to wash
them or it grosses me out. Jeans I can now, wear two, maybe three times, but
thats on the verge of me not feeling comfortable in them. They have to be
washed, crisp and clean and smell like Bounce.[b]

How does your lucky underwear fare in the washing maching?

Like I said, they’re on the verge of becoming dust. I have to be very
selective about why and how I’m going to wash them.