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2001 Crashdown Yearbooks are 100% sold out!

Just wanted to let everyone know the 2001 edition of the Crashdown Yearbook is completely sold out. We printed 600 copies, and they are all gone!

Unfortunately, even though all links and info about how to purchase them has been taken down, we still somehow received a few orders yesterday. Luckily, we were able to fill those but we cannot fill any more! :(

So anyone who somehow finds a link to the order form or hears the info about how to purchase a yearbook through word of mouth, please don’t try. If anyone else purchases one by sending in a money order or through PayPal, your money will be refunded minus the fee PayPal charges us.

For those who pre-ordered the yearbook via PayPal or a money order prior to the party — orders going to the US were mailed out Monday, August 20; orders going to Canada were mailed out Tuesday, August 21 as well as some international orders, with the remainder being mailed out Wednesday, August 22. When your yearbook will arrive really depends on your proximity to Colorado, as this is where the yearbooks were mailed out from.

Not only were the yearbooks a big hit with the partygoers and posters, but the entire cast, members of the Roswell production office (writers and producers) and several people at UPN received their own individual copies, and were really impressed with them!

Congratulations to black widow and all the yearbook contributors for a job well done! :)