Chrissy’s: 2001 Roswell Nominations – Go Vote

Thanks to SethCollec for sending this to me :)

The time has come for the second annual Roswell Awards. During the summer we
collected nominations for the best in sci-fi/fantasy television. On August 1,
2001, we started collecting the votes.
The award is 100% Nominated by the fans and 100% Voted on by the fans. Last
year we counted nearly 250,000 email votes and expect no less this year.
Votes can placed ever 8 hours via a simple email. (no need to even come to
the site as votes can be placed from any site)
Several Roswell cast and crew where nominated and are featured on the ballot.
Congratulations to all the cast, crew and fans for the nominations. Good Luck

Chrissy’s-Go Vote