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Jason Behr Calendars Unavailable

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this :)

Well, those of us who sent in orders to the calendar online company
365calendars.com got emails today saying the ‘title had been withdrawn’ and
would not be printed after all.
(Makes one wonder if Jason B’s ‘people’ got wind of this calendar and if the
company had never actually gotten permission from him or 20th Century Fox to
used their images to put this calendar out?)

Thanks to AngelLovePie for this :)

Hey there fans! I got bad news bout the Jason Behr
calender. I went to order one as soon as I’d heard
about it and all went well. But I checked my mail
today and they sent me this message.

Dear Sally,

Reference your order for the Jason Behr 2002 calendar.
I am sorry to
that the supplier has just today withdrawn this title.
It is not now
to print. If you have a picture yourself, we could
make a mousemat or
something similar,but we can’t help with the calendar.

So sorry to disappoint you.


Fiona Jones
Customer Service
Calcom Ltd.

Talk about disappointing, just have to hope Amazon do
a Roswell one or summat! :(