MediaWeek: Roswell Vs. Smallville

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Key Fall 2001 Match-Up:
UPN’s Roswell vs. The WB’s Smallville

Although there is plenty of talk of UPN acquiring Buffy, NBC cooking up Emeril, ABC hoping Bob Patterson is not just a show about nothing and The WB’s Gilmore Girls moving to Tuesday, here is a look at what could be quite a battle, UPN’s Roswell vs. The WB’s Smallville Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Strategically, quite a few people (including myself) have questioned why The WB didn’t leave Angel in the hour and schedule the young Superman saga Mondays at 9 p.m. out of 7th Heaven. Buffy viewers accustomed to Angel could have easily used their remote, right? Regardless, this is one of the more interesting programming match-ups this season.

The potentially good news for Roswell is core viewer familiarity and a stronger and more compatible lead-in, Buffy. And the positive news for The WB could be interest (at least initially) in a known TV hero. If Fox’s highly touted 24 doesn’t take off (hype doesn’t always mean tune-in) both weblets will obviously benefit.