Various Magazine Articles On ‘Roswell’

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~Brendan is in the August issue of TeenStyle on Page 96. There is a pic of
him at the Maxim party with his new hair cut. The caption below him says:
1985 Was A Good Hair Year
“Maybe someone pointed out to Brendan Fehr that his ‘do was nearing mullet
status, or maybe he was just proving that he isn’t as angry as his Roswell
character. Whatever it is, he just can’t control his giddiness.”

~Majandra is in the August issue of Jane. There is a pic of her and frozen
strawberries. It says:
Just Chillin’
Here’s a recipe my sister Marieh and I have for when
you’ve got some nasty champagne that you’re too embarrassed to let anyone
know you own. Our solution not only disguises your cheap tramp as a well-bred
high-society debutante, but also makes it the life of the party. —Majandra
Delfino,actor,WB’s Roswell.

Then there is the recipe. :o)

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Hey, theres a picture of Katie and Brendan in Cosmo Girl. The picture shows
Brendan sticking his tongue out and Katie smiling. Next to Brendan, it says
“Duh” and next to Katie it says “For God sake. I can’t take him anywhere”.
ANd then there’s a little caption that says “Katherine Heigl and a socially
stunted Brendan Fehr”. Thats it! C ya!

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The new September Issue of J-14 has some “Roswell” in it.
Page 35-They show Shiri Appleby (December 7) for the picture under
Sagittarius in Horoscopes.

Page 100-Under Fall TV Preview-Sci-Fi-
Roswell(picture of Season 1 Max and Liz to the left)
Network: UPN
Time: Tuesdays, 9 p.m
The Scoop: Funnier, sexier and more action-packed, season three promises a
new unexpected relationship.

Page 104 and 105-Readers Picks
Under Favorite Actors Jason Behr is #9 (last issue wasn’t on the top 10)
Under Coolest TV Shows Roswell is #5 (last issue wasn’t on top 10)

That’s it for Roswell in J-14.

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hi, I don’t know if it’s important enough but I was looking through my new Teen people and they had this double issue about Style in the 2001 issue. Anyways on the flip side on page 37 “Style Spoofs” Majandra’s right there with underwear showing….I thought it was cool because it just shows that someone as cool as Majandra can have her bad days too, just like the rest of us. Thanx

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I have some information!!! Majandra is in Teen people in the latest one that
just came out. she is on the back side (it’s a double issue), on page 37
under the heading “Style Spoofs”. It says, “I see london, i see france….”
About her outfit, which has see through underwear and a pink dress.