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A ‘Roswell’ Fan Gets Advanced Look At ‘Swimfan’

Thanks to HILARIEHM for this :)

Yesterday I took the afternoon off from work and went to an advanced screening of Swimfan.

The version I saw was just a rough cut. A lot of the editing, music, and sound hadn’t been finished yet, but all in all it was a pretty good flick- kind of Cruel Intentions meets Fatal Attraction. It stars Jesse Bradford (Kirsten Dunst’s love interest from Bring it On) as a promising young competitive swimmer. Shiri plays his supportive waitress girlfriend. And Erica Christensen ( the druggie daughter from Traffic) plays the psycho stalker that comes between them. The acting is good and the plot has some interesting turns. There are also a couple of very steamy scenes, one of which is Shiri and her boyfriend having truck sex in the opening credits.

They said it won’t be out for at least another 8 months, but I recommend it highly, Shiri is particularly adorable and feisty Although, the role isn’t a huge stretch for her (waitress who’s relationship with her soul mate is threatened by a psycho? hmmm…) go see it, especially if you like thrillers, it’s worth your ten bucks.