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Cinescape: Shiri Talks About Season 3

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ROSWELL 3rd Season Info
Shiri Appleby talks about what lies ahead for her character on the show.

Dateline: Friday, September 21, 2001

By: News Editor
Source: Ian Spelling/Inside Trek & Sci Fi

ROSWELL’s third season is looming, and cast member Shiri Appleby is talking a little bit about what lies ahead.

Specifically, Appleby spoke to Ian Spelling’s syndicated Inside Trek & Sci Fi column about the season opener “Busted,” saying, “Max and Liz are going to be together. It’s exciting. The scenes are really sweet and romantic between them. It’s also very dangerous, because Max and Liz start rebelling together. They hold up a liquor store and get arrested. Liz’s parents forbid her from seeing Max, but Max and Liz are working together to contact Max’s son.

“What I’m most excited about is that you’ll get to see these two people that are so passionate about each other finally be with each other. And you get into it in the very first scene. The whole first episode, you’ll see the past couple of months in flashbacks and see how they got to the place where the first episode starts. It catches you up, and you see how they’ve gotten to the place they are now.

“They’ve completely rebelled against everything. They’re not as sweet and wholesome as they used to be.”