LeadingMajandra Delfino

Music Promo from The Learning Curve

Very special thanks to “The Learning Curve”‘s producer, Oscar Delgado for arranging for crashdown to get this video, and for allowing us to have it first!

Official Movie Site

This video is of Majandra’s character singing “Funny Little Valentine” in The Learning Curve, and is mixed with scenes from the movie. The raw digi-beta tape was just converted to computer media format tonight specifically to be shown on crashdown for all of Majandra’s fans who come here. The movie looks great, so be sure to check out the official site, and see it when it opens in your area!!

Please note, this music is that of the character in the movie, and is not Majandra’s singing style. Majandra’s actual CD, to be released soon, is very different.

The video is in real player format, and you can download by right clicking on the image below (hi-res 256K version) or the low res (56K) version by clicking on the link below.

An additional 30 sec promo for the movie has been uploaded and you can get to it from the link in Crashdown headlines!

Hi-Res (256K)
Low Res (56K)