Roswell in Entertainment Weekly

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I know this isn’t really important news in light of the tragic events of this past week, but I though it might be uplifting for some to know that Roswell is listed as the leader so far for favorite show in the Fall TV poll on The results are listed on page 6 in the Sept. 21, 2001 issue of Entertainment Weekly and are as follows:

Roswell, 37.2%
Buffy, 22.5%
Friends, 7.1%
The West Wing, 6.4%

There is a small pic of Sarah Michelle Gellar with the blurb, which I find odd since Roswell is #1. Shouldn’t we have a Max and Liz pic or something else Roswell-related? Just goes to show you how ignorant TV people can remain even when the viewers speak their minds and the results are shown. Oh, well, at least we got a small mention!

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There are 3 brief mentions of ROSWELL in the
Sept. 21st issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:

pg. 6 – Current results of EW’s favorite show in its
Fall TV poll have ROSWELL leading, with 37.2% of the
vote; it’s followed by BUFFY (22.5%), FRIENDS (7.1%),
and THE WEST WING (6.4%).

pg. 65 – Review of THE FORSAKEN video/DVD says it
features the WB stars “DAWSON’S CREEK’s Smith” and
“ROSWELL’s Fehr.”

pg. 81 – “Hear & Now” column says TV theme songs used
to be sung by “hopelessly unhip acts” like Al Jarreau
and Jack Jones, but “with artists as credible as Dido,
They Might Be Giants, and Cheap Trick contributing
their talents to recent programs (ROSWELL, MALCOLM IN
THE MIDDLE, and THAT 70s SHOW, respectively), TV execs
are now seeking out cooler, more obscure acts.”

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I saw this on Entertainment Weekly magazine issue #616. Roswell is leading by a pretty large margin, but they featured Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Entertainment Weekly
Sept. 21, 2001
Issue #616
pg. 6


Vote for your favorite show in our Fall TV poll. ( AOL Keyword: EW )
The leaders so far:

Roswell, 37.2%
Buffy, 22.5%
Friends, 7.1%
The West Wing, 6.4%

If this hasn’t been sent in….. I want to also add that they have another poll:

ick of reruns? We are too. In fact, we’re dying to know what’ll happen when our favorite TV series come back with new episodes. Is ”Buffy” really dead? Will ”Dark Angel”’s Jessica Alba thrive in her new Friday night timeslot? And who else is going to end up in critical condition on ”ER”? While you’re waiting to find out, check the premiere dates below and pick the one series you’re most anticipating.

Which returning TV show are you most looking forward to?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (UPN, Oct. 2)
C.S.I. (CBS, Sept. 20)
Dark Angel (Fox, Sept. 21)
Ed (NBC, Oct. 17)
ER (NBC, Sept. 20)
Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS, Sept. 17)
Felicity (the WB, Oct. 3)
Frasier (NBC, Sept. 18)
Friends (NBC, Sept. 20)
Gilmore Girls (the WB, Oct. 9)
Law & Order (NBC, Sept. 19)
Malcolm in the Middle (Fox, Nov. 4)
The Practice (ABC, Sept. 23)
Roswell (UPN, Oct. 9)
The Simpsons (Fox, Nov. 4)
That ’70s Show (Fox, Sept. 18)
The West Wing (NBC, Sept. 19)
Will & Grace (NBC, Sept. 20)

So go vote :-)