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San Jose Mercury Article about Brendan Fehr

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I saw this in the San Jose Mercury newspaper for Sept. 9, 01 about Brenden
Fehr and his new movie “A Wilderness Station.”

“Avowed virgin prepares for film role as rapist”
By Marilyn Beck, Stacy Jenel Smith and Stephanie DuBois

“Roswell” hottie Brendan Fehr has had his first look at the forthcoming
“A Wilderness Station” and tells us he’s pleased with the feature that
marks a massive departure for him — playing a cruel, backward frontiersman
who is seen committing rape four times.
Fehr, 23, an avowed virgin who believes sex should wait until marriage,
doesn’t see a conflict between his views and the role. “Obviously there’s a
lot of stuff in movies that you wouldn’t want to do in real life,” he says.
“My character is by no means glorified. . . . It’s necessary to show evil
in the story in order to show the good that comes out of it later.”

One might think that playing a rapist would be especially intimidating for
someone without sexual experience, but Fehr laughs off that notion. “After
all, with sex scenes in movies, every move is planned and staged.”