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More of Majandra’s answers to fan questions

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Here are some more of Majandra’s answers to fan questions on her message board.

Boricualiz asked: Venezuela es preciosa, y la isla margarita es el mejor sitio para comprar oro. pero de todos los sitios tan bonito que tiene tu home town, que te gusta mas? el “leather” bueno que tienen, las flores, el oro? quea nd last but not least, what brings you the most orgullo? Translation: Venezuela is beautiful, and the Margarita Island is the bvest place to buy gold. But of all the places so beautiful that your hometown has, what do you like best? the “leather” good that they have, the flowers, the gold? What? And last but not least, what brings you the most pride?

Majandra: “Margarita. Bueno hace mucho tiempo que yo a visitado Margarita. Mis padres tuvieron una casa alli, pero lo vendieron. Las cosas que me gusta mas de Venezuelan son La Comida, mi padre, sus perros y su esposa. Hay! la comida, Malta, tequenos, carne mechada, torontos, toddy, y el queso. Tienen queso mas delicioso que cualquier queso en todo el mundo. Estoy hablando e-bonics? Tu sabes que yo puedo hablar espanol, pero escribir lo? Mmmm eso es otra cosa no?” Translation: Margarita. Well, its been a long time since I have visited Margarita. My parents had a house there, but they sold it. The things I like most about Venezuela are the Food, my father, his dogs and his wife. Ooh, the food Malt, tequenos, carne mechata, torontos, toddy,(can’t figure out these translation) and the cheese. They have the best chesse than any chesse in the whole world. Am I speaking e-bonics?” You know that I can talk spanish, but write it? Mmmm, that’s another thing, right?

MariaRocks000 asked: Who do you like working with the most?

Majandra: I have the most fun with Brendan and Shiri. Me and Brendan dont really need to speak we know what the others thinking. And Shiri and I talk and talk and play games and take random pictures and I try and teach her stuff on the Guee-tar but I get fed up and end up asking her if she’s hungry

Majandra_girl-13 asked: Lots of your fans feel that your character on Roswell Maria gets jipped out of screen time and a storyline unjustly. and alot of us feel that Maria gets used alot by the writers as a plot device to further the M/L romance, and Michael storylines. do you feel that this is correct?and if so, have you done anything about it?

Majandra: As for my character, well no they dont write alot for me but what am I gonna do complain? It’s just like either they want to or they don’t, no one should force them. Besides it allows me to work on OTHER things if you know what im saying.

In venezuela you wear your wedding ring and engagement ring on your right hand because it touches your heart, so no the ring on my left ring finger is not some bizarre promise ring thing. Thats cheesy, and im untamable so far. My parents bought it for me for my 19th birthday.

LatingGirl73 asked: Your surname is Delfino, right. This is an Italian surname. Perhaps, do you have Italian origin (your grandad for example)!
DeLuca is also an Italian surname. Maria is supposed to be latin, right. She is Spanish or Italian? In Departure Michael prepared for her Italian food that was her favorite. And so I began asking myself she is Spanish or Italian?

Majandra: Im italian yes, a little but back there. Maria…is I have no clue. She was supposed to be latin, but get this, when they cast me they took away her latin background cuz they felt latins would be insulted that they cast “an american looking girl” to play a latin chick. What an insult man, what do they think we’re all dark?

If i didnt answer any questions I appologize but you will get to ask me ill your blue in the face on my website, answers gaurenteed. Alright Im typing to fast here, I gotta go, I have work tommorrow and Ill be hating myself when my alarm clock rings at 5am. But its the weekend and im on that schedule, ohh screw that ****ing schedule that has gotten me my whole life!

Another Post:

Majandra: Here I am in the studio at god knows what hour putting together the artwork for the lyric books of my CD. So while Anthony and the boys are going out to get food, I got online for more answers. Damn you people! Kidding of course darlings, but where do I start (appologies from the start if I missed anyone)
Me know if course: For the “italian” who kindly asked me not to do FHM again, sorry but uh Im pretty much gonna continue doing what I want to do. As much as it’s great to know people love to point out my flaws and rag on any little thing they believe to be inappropriate or silly, Im gonna live my life the way I want and you can take it however you want but sh!t atleast Im not lying or pretending, just living. Got me? I like to dance I guess, only if the music’s to my liking. Hello Miss green Haired jennifer. You can send anything you want to me at Paramount attn: Roswell (I dont know the exact address-Im soooo sorry I suck I know)

TeflonCandygirl asked: By the way, thanks for answering my questions Maj. You’re really a kick ass girl. Did you ever get my gift?

Majandra: TeflonCandyGirl-thanks for the collage women it was beautiful and very true. Thanks.

Nimue asked: Since TeflonCandygirl already asked who was your favorite character from Sex and the City, what character is you favorite from Six Feet Under?

Majandra: The red head (im bad with names) is my favorite on six feet under, she’s got a great attitude in my opinion.

Julie asked:Are you planning any live shows to promote the CD?

Majandra: I will be playing live very soon, Roswell isnt really using me that much in the episodes so Ill have time to perform. I may even do a miny tour if time permits. I like Poe’s Hello CD but the other one dissappointed me. man do I spell everything wrong-I cant even tell if I am or not Im so bad. Got me?

Julie asked: Can you give us any info on ‘Sticks And Stones’?

Majandra: Sticks and Stone’s -DAMN. I was told David Boreanez and Kerr Smith were in it, well I get to Las Vegas ( aplace I dread for fear of gambling people) and I had been lied to. oops. Illegal but whatever.

Julie asked: What was the best concert that you’ve ever been too?

Majandra: best concert is a tie between erykah badu 2001, Fionna Apple 2000 and Pantera 1997.

HurricaneDeLuca asked: Childhood fears?

Majandra: Childhood fear-hmmmm only bait for the stalker but I guess it would actually be getting stalked. when I was 13 there were 2 boys who would stalk me and watch me sleep from my window. I could always hear them and Id try to sleep knowing they were right outside-my mom put up curtains shortly after. One was arrested for trespassing but continued when let out. What did they want to see anyway? My pre-pube bodice?

HurricaneDeLuca asked: First thing you do when you get home?

Majandra: Hmmm. First thing I do when I get home is call my beautiful boyfriend or best friend Paul and try convince them to go to Krispy kreme or to come hang out with me and the fam. But usually I come home really late from work and go to bed. On the weekend though when I go to whittier I understand that everyine else is out partying except for the man, so I dont even attempt crap.

TeflonPixie asked: Okay, I have question:What´s your favourite flower?

Majandra: Favorite flower would be tulips and anything dark purple and deep red. The day anyone finds a black flower let me know then my answer will change.

As for anyone who is questioning how they will buy my CD, my website will sell it and it will take down credit card info all secure and sh!it just like the big wigs. turns out it’s easier than one would think.

Alright Im going, Im in trouble at this point because they’re back and they’re pissed im not eating my vegetables. Oh I love that Im italian man, in fact one day I plan on living there, possibly enrolling my kids at a school there for a year for the beautiful experience of it all, now I just gotta make the cash.