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Majandra On Kilborn – Transcript

Thanks to Michelle for transcribing the parts with Majandra :)

Majandra Delfino on Craig Kilborne (07.26.01) Transcript

Craig: Our next guest is the beautiful young actress and one of the co-stars of the alien drama Roswell which gets a new start this fall on UPN network, please welcome Majandra Delfino.


Craig: Hi!

Majandra: Hi!

Craig: How ya doin’?

Maj: I’m doing good, how are you?

C: I’m doing well. Am I pronnouncing it correctly? Majandra?

M: Yes, Majandra.

C: Majandra.. It’s kinda exotic.

M: Well, it’s Venezuelan, that’s as exotic as that is.

C: Venezuela, Minnesota

M: Yes, Venezuela, Minnesota precicely.

C: What does it mean?

M: It means nothing. Litterally nothing, you know.

C: Nada?

M: Si. Very good! Very good!

C: Thanks, wow!

M: Later I found out, I think they may be lying, but it means Bluemoon in India.

C: You could make something up. Most of us wouldn’t know.


M: And I’m very glad to believe it.

C: So do people have a hard time pronnouncing it? Do they call you something for short?

M: I hate having to be introduced to people and me I hate having to say Majandra. Cause you have to be Ma-han-dra.

C: Yeah that is irratating. So what do they call you?

M: [looks around] Majandra.

C: No, like a nickname.

M: Mo.

C: Mo?

M: Yes Mo.

C: Mo, that’s cool. So I hear people call you Alexandra?

M: My mom. She tried.

C: And?

M: She tried when I moved to the United States from Venezuela. She didn’t think anyone would say Majandra right so she took it and changed my name to what she wanted. So she enrolled me into school as Alexandra. [rolls her eyes]

C: Oh well. Who named you? [Majandra looks] Well I mean, your mom, didn’t she like the name Majandra?

M: She married a latin man. He’s macho so..

C: Majandra [in a deep voice]

M: Yes, Majandra [in a deep latin voice]

C: It means nothing at all.

M: You know Blue Moon. I didn’t let that happen again.

C: So you used to be on the WB and I know things like this. Apparently people owe you money.

M: Yes.

C: Explain.

M: I made bets on people and get this who did doubt that our show and whether it would come back.

C: How much?

M: $400.00

C: Wow, four people. That’s great. Are you excited to move over there? What does it mean to you?

M: 400 bucks. That’s what it means to me. [laughs]

C: That’s it?

M: You know it’s great to have a supportive network this time.

C: Whoa! Whoa! You may not work on the WB for a while.

M: Maybe not. I’m okay if I never work again. I’m the worst when it comes to things like that.

C: As far as what?

M: [laughing] In general.

C: You don’t care?

M: I guess I do, but I’m okay with it.

C: I think that’s a nice attitude. Could you walk away from Hollywood?

M: I could definately.

C: Where would you go?

M: [mischevious look] I’d be an exotic dancer. [pause] I’m joking, I’m joking.

C: I know. I know! Cause your first love is actually music.

M: Yes.

C: Been in a band?

M: Yes, when I was 11. I ran away from home.. Just for 10 minutes so I could audition for an all girl group. The “white En-Vouge”.

C: What were they called?

M: China Doll.

C: Now see. I thought it was really “White En-Vouge”


M: I just realized that now. White En-Vouge. Jeeze. Yeah so um, did that till I was 14, behind my parents back. Then Pollygram wanted us to record a demo track and I needed my parents to sign.

C: Pollygram. That’s a label not a person.

M: Yes. Pollygram.

C: Well the way you said it, Polly Gram.

M: [laughs]Pollygram. So they offered us a demo deal and I had to get my parents involved and things didn’t work out.

C: China Doll?

M: Yeah. There wasn’t Hanson back then so kids weren’t used to very American stuff at the time.

C: So are you talented? Do you play the piano, or guitar or do you just sing?

M: I’m not really talented. It doesn’t require that much. I play the guitar just basically to write my own songs. It’s not really outstanding.

C: Now we have a guitar backstage.

M: Really?

C: Yeah Andy Dick sang a song for us. Are you gonna perform? Or do you have no desire?

M: See let me tell you something. If I were a plastic surgeon, were you gonna ask me if I can fix these people on the spot?

[laughter from the audience]

C: You said you didn’t want to perform.

M: Yea. I can act too. A little Shakespear maybe? Cause that’s what I do.

C: You do enjoy music, but you’re not doing it right now.

M: I do actually. It’s not a bad. Ugh that sounds like a garage band. I work with these two talented super oh-so-sexy producers Anthony and Mark. They live in Whitter and I go to them and they have the mind to record what I say like, “I want this sound doo-lee-too-doo.” and they have to figure out what I said. I go on Sunday when I can.

C: And that’s how you communicate with them?

M: This sound, “doo-lee-too-doo”.

C: I hope they’re talented!

M: You know they understand me.

C: I hope. Maybe some exotic dancing in there?

M: I’m not going to say anything, just leave it at that.

C: There’s something about you [Craig is mumbeling]. Your passionate about odd foods.

M: They are not odd.

C: I’m listening.

M: It’s hollendaize sauce. It’s my obsession okay.

C: You hate breakfast?

M: I like hollendaize sauce, I don’t like breakfast okay.

C: See that’s weird. That’s a contradiction.

M: I eat Hollendaize sause on steak….

C: On eggs?

M: No, no… I..

C: You don’t like eggs?

M: Nothing breakfast, well you know certain things.

C: Bacon?

M: But I don’t like bacon, eggs, pancakes. I hate how McDonalds has the breakfast thing…

C: That’s a sponsor…

M: Yes, I like McDonalds [smiles]. No, I hate how McDonalds doesn’t give you a cheeseburger at nine in the morning.

C: So how do you get through that? Do you go to Whittier?


M: Yes! Yes! Yes I do go to Whittier.

C: Ah, fasinating. You’re a character. You’re enjoyable.

M: A character?

C: You’re colorful.

M: Oh I thought you meant a characature [cartoon].

C: We’re gonna come back and play YAMBO with Sunshine and Andy Dick after this..


[Voice Over explains the game Yambo. Craig asks the guest trivia questions and the first to get them right wins, first to get them wrong loses. He asks the questions when the music stops and the guests have only a few seconds to answer them.] [Craig is pacing around Majandra and Andy]

Andy to Majandra: You’re trying to psych me out!… I’ve got my eye on you. [Andy points his finger at his eye then at Majandra. He does this all through out the game.]

C: [stops at Andy] What’s the company that makes Lebaron?


C: Correct! [Andy is taunting Majandra] [Craig Stops at Majandra] Spell Hollandaize..

M: H-O-L-L-E-N-D-A-I-S-E

C: No! [paces around and stops at Andy] 10×6+2?

A: 62!!!!!

C: Yess!!! [paces and stops at Majandra] Better name for Andre Aggasi and Steffi Graf’s love child. Duce or Ace?

M: Hollendaize????

C: Incorrect… Oh boy…. [paces around.. Stops at Andy] What is the french name for Chateau?

A: Um, ahh…..

C: Time’s up!

A: Chateau. You tricked me!

C: You gotta hustle man… It’s Chateau, you’re right. [Majandra is laughing and pointing at Andy who turns around and taunts her more. Craig stops at Majandra] Name a dance that rhymes with YAMBO!

M: Um, Mambo.

C: Correct… [to Andy] Name the 4 suits in a deck of cards..

A: Spades, clubs, coher, ah hearts…

C: No!

A: What?!!!

C: You hesitated! [back to Andy] What color is grenadine? [syrup you can add to a drink]

A: Green..

C: No, red!!

Voice Over: We have a winner. Majandra Delfino is the winner of Yambo. Congratulations on being one life’s winners.

[Craig gives Majandra roses and Majandra takes them waves them hits them over Andy’s head and walks away. After the commercial break Majandra is gone and Andy is sitting on the floor where all the confetti and rose petals are wollowing in his own self-pitty and throws the confetti and rose pettals in the air saying he should have won and how Craig whispered something in Majandra’s ear, how he (Craig) cheated with her.]