UPN Areas Update Part 2

On the previous UPN Areas Update we had the following areas of the country listed as not having UPN:

North Dakota
South Dakota
Lincoln, Nebraska
Part of Utah/Idaho
A Part of Pennsylvania

Since posting this information, we have learned that certain portions of some of these areas do indeed carry UPN or Roswell.

For updated information on the situation of these areas and others, please go to the following thread at the Roswell 2 board (make sure to skim the entire thread to find the info you’re looking for):

Also, user_name posted on the above thread the following adjustment to the St. Louis air time for Roswell:

Just to let the St. Louis people know, WB11 ( ) has switched the times for Roswell and Buffy. Roswell will apparently now be on at 7:00 on Saturday instead of 6:00. Unfortunately, they’re airing a hockey game almost every Saturday from October-April so Roswell won’t actually be on until after the game, the news, and Buffy. I’m thinking somwhere between eleven and midnight, give or take. If you want to check out the hockey broadcast schedule to see just how many Saturdays it is,
go here:

And thanks to pershing for sending the following updates in! :)

We have identified 2 ‘shared’ stations that are going to air Buffy and Enterprise, but not Roswell:

Central Illinois
The channel is WBUI-TV Channel 23 and the web site is

Southern Oregon/Northern Cal
Primary station Fox primary/UPN secondary

If you are from that area, please call and email them requesting Roswell be added!

Any Roswell fans from a ‘shared’ channel should specifically check the channels website or call to ensure Roswell is also being shown along with Buffy and Enterprise.

You may not even know that your UPN channel is ‘shared’ if you got it from checking under ‘stations’ at the website. They do not distinguished ‘shared’ stations that are UPN secondary to full UPN primary stations. Check and ensure you are getting Roswell this fall!

The Quad Cities (Moline, Illinois; Rock Island, Illinois; Davenport, Indiana;
Bettendorf, Indiana) have had their promised UPN station yanked from them at the last minute by 2 other networks filing a block. We’ve opened a thread to discuss ways of fixing this:

Puerto Rico Update!:

We’ve discovered one ATT Broadband Company out of Humacao airs WJZY-UPN 46 out of Charlote, North Carolina. Please use this as leverage for written requests to add UPN in your area. (ie: Why can’t you add this channel too?)