A Selection From The Week’s Past Episode

I’m not sure when the transcript for this episode will be up-keep checking back though for it. I was in the mood to give those who missed this week’s episode (or who wanted a refresher with this Max/Liz scene to see the one scene I saw this week–though I did tape the episode. Anyone else still got the songs from the Buffy musical stuck in their heads like me? ;-)

Liz is cleaning up the back of the Crashdown and throws away some trash. She then heads out to the front of the store looking a little sad. She looks around the café and then looks up and sees Max staring back at her through the outside window of the café. Once he sees that she spotted him, he walks to the door and enters the restaurant. Liz remains standing where she is as he walks inside and stands by the front door.

LIZ: Hi.

MAX: Hi.

LIZ: When did you get back?

MAX: Just… pauses and looks down and then up at her now.

He looks at her and then starts making his way over towards where she is standing.

LIZ: You didn’t call.

MAX: continuing to walk over towards her I was driving all night. I just had to get back to see you.

Max stops midway to her.

MAX: I’m..I’m sorry.

LIZ: shaking her head no You can’t do this, Max. I love you but…you know lately, I just haven’t been feeling it back.

MAX: I didn’t mean.. starts walking over to her and reaching for her with his right hand

LIZ: But you did.

Max is standing in front of her.

MAX: Liz, I know you’ve been here, alone waiting for me and I know that it’s wrong.

He reaches out for her but she steps back away from him.

LIZ: No Max!

Max is hurt by her actions and appears ready to cry. He leans back against the counter and looks forelorn. Liz looks at him and realizes he’s hurting about something.

LIZ: What, Max? What happened?

The camera pans in close on Max’s face (so close you can see all the whiskers on his unshaven face) Max begins talking as the camera focuses on Liz’s reactions to Max’s words.

MAX: I failed. And my son…he’s up there somewhere.

Max begins crying as he points upwards at the mention of his son.

MAX: I’ve just..I’ve just messed everything up. Langley’s life. Yours.

At the mention of her name and how Max is hurting, Liz goes over to Max and hugs him around his neck as he stands there before hugging her back.

MAX: I’m so sorry, Liz. I’m so sorry.

LIZ: speaking next to his neck It’s okay. It’s okay.

Max begins crying harder and holds her tighter.

MAX: I’ll never leave you, Liz.