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Katherine’s AOL Live Chat Transcript (11-13-01)

Thanks to CrashdownGirl for typing this up and getting it to us so quickly!

Question: Can you tell us anything about tonight’s episode, the Wedding? Or, any eps in the future that you can say?
TVGKatherine: Tonight is really about the wedding and the last minutes details. Max and Michael don’t trust Jesse, so they’re trying to investigate his past. And Isabel starts to having these dreams where she’s visited by someone from her ALIEN past. As for future episodes, I don’t know how much I can give away. There are some problems between Michael and Maria. The honeymoon episode plays next week, and that’s kinda crazy. There are some alien visitations. And we have a Christmas episode that’s really nice.

Question: Hey! What do you think of Isabel getting married? Do you think she’s too young?
TVGKatherine: I’m not really sure how I feel about it, because Isabel is such a part of me. She is young, and she’s only known Jesse for a short time. But, she has been very strong, even with no one’s support. If it’s been me, I’d have said “forget it” by now… :) Isabel seems to be really in tune with her own spirit and what she feels is right fdor her. Which I think is very great. But, I also think she’s making a very rash decision. So, it’s very 50/50.

Question: Just to clairify has Roswell been picked up by UPN for a full season or just half?
TVGKatherine: The show’s been picked up for a full season.

Question: Will Kyle be at the wedding tonight?
TVGKatherine: Yes! everybody. All my friends. Kyle and Michael are ushers, and Max is… well, you’ll see.

Question: The sci-fi part of Roswell seems to have been side-lined in the first couple of episodes putting drama on the front burner. It looks like now the sci-fi is back some. Do you know if there’s plans to let the sci-fi and drama co-exist, like in season 1?
TVGKatherine: I think that making it coincide is a great idea, but it’s dufficult to do. Not all characters — the humans — are connected to the sci-fi side. So they’re picking their moments, to try and get both to coexist as much as possible.

Question: Will Jesse find out the truth about Isabel?
TVGKatherine: No. He won’t find out. As far as I know, he won’t find out.

Question: Hey! luv the new hair! what made you decide to change it? and great job with the new season! its great!
TVGKatherine: Thank you! I actually been wanting to change my hair for a long time. I did it for a project that fell through, and I really enjoyed it. But, now I’m tired of it. :) So it’s growing back. And thanks for the praise on the new season. We’re doing out best!

Question: Do you think that Isabel is tired of being an alien? Do you think she is ready to say to heck with destiny, to forget what she knows, and just to persue a life of her own?
TVGKatherine: Wow… I’d go for the second. I think that’s what this season is all about her. She wants to live life on Earth, and hide away from being normal. So, she’s doing her best to take advantage of the joys of being half human.

Question: Any plans in the future such as new movies, films, etc?
TVGKatherine: I don’t have anything planning right now. I can’t do anything until hiatus, and that’s too far away to make any decisions about that now. So, I’m going to wait and see.

Question: Did you enjoy filiming Ground Zero with Kerr Smith? I heard you played a challenging role.
TVGKatherine: #1, I had wonderful time making Ground Zero. It was a really rejuvinating expexperience as an actor, and reminded me why I do this. I was very pround of this. I played a nuclear physicist, which is a far cry from what I’ve done. I got to do some research for the part, which I really enjoyed, including reading this book, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” which is about the new quantum physics. It’s obviously not coming out when it was supposed to, and they’ve put it on hold because of the recent tragedies. But, I think it will show on NBC>

Question: Hey! What do you think of Roswell’s switch to UPN from the WB?
TVGKatherine: It actually doesn’t feel different when you’re working on set. But, I’ve found that UPN has been very spportvie of the show, in promoting it. So, it’s been great.

Question: First I want to tell you that I have been a very big fan ever since I saw My Father the Hero. But for my question, are you happy with the storylines this season of Roswell and what would you change about this season?
TVGKatherine: First of all, thank you very much. Secondly, I’m not a writer — though I like to write — this is out of league, trying to better the show . I’m pretty happy with the storylines this season. I think the writers are doing their best to make it an exciting and eventful season for both the fans and cast. Also, this year, they’ve really done a lot to develop Isabel’s character, which has been great.

Question: Katherine, can you give us some information about your future movie, Soriority Rules?
TVGKatherine: I’m not sure what’s going to happy, as they haven’t been able to secure all their funding. But, I’m still hoping…

Question: What is your favorite TV show (because you sure know ours LOL)-Lissi
TVGKatherine: I have a couple. My favorite drama is the West Wing. My favorite sitcom is Will and Grace. I just think it’s sooo funny. :)

Question: Katie do you miss working with Colin?
TVGKatherine: Yeah, I actually miss Colin a lot. It was a great actor to work with, and a great friend. A lot of fun to have on set. I miss him dearly.

Question: Will you be making your “Christmas List” again? I thought last years christmas episode was a hoot!!!
TVGKatherine: Yeah, she will be coming back this year… the Christmas Nazi! Annoying everyone… but in a good cheer! :) It was one of my favorite parts to play, just so out of control…

Question: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to be an actress?
TVGKatherine: Just be prepared for it to be difficult. If you succeed quickly, you’ve very lucky. It’s a difficult business, but you have a passion for it, by all means do it. Just keep working hard, believing in yourself, keep your passion, and never settle.

Question: Katie, thanks so much for coming! Can u tell us what ur favorite episode is of all time.
TVGKatherine: There’s like a couple that I really love. I loved the dupe episodes, because I had so much fun, playing that part. It was such a departure from what I normally do. And last year’s Christmas episode was really beautiful.

Question: Hey! i was watching you’re disney movie ‘Wish Apon A Star’ (you were awesome!) and i was wondering if that was you’re first movie or not/
TVGKatherine: Thank you, but no. My first movie was called “That Night,” and I was 11 or 12. “Wish Apon A Star” was probably my fifth movie.

Question: will Alex’s ghost show up at the wedding at all:o) y’all were cute together.
TVGKatherine: No, he won’t be coming to the wedding. I think we saw the last of him when she got engaged. But, thank you. :)

Question: Is it possible that Jesse will be killed? (I hope not because I really really like his character)
TVGKatherine: I don’t think so. No one’s talked about it. I hope not, because he’s a great guy and a talented actor. I hope they’ll keep him around for a while. I think they will.

TVGLive2: Thank you for coming tonight!

TVGKatherine: I hope you enjoy the show tonight! :)

TVGLive2: And make sure to tune into tonight’s episode on UPN!