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Majandra answers more Fan Questions from Fan Forum

Thanks Majandra for sending me these answers to questions that fans have asked on your Message board.

WeetzieBat- What was it like working with Tony Danza? Was he nice? A few posts ago, you said the first thing you do when you get home is phone your boyfriend. Since you guys work together too, do you ever get, like, tired of each other? (BTW-Sorry if this Q is too personal. Feel free to ignore it. I’m just wondering because for me, personally, I know I’ve gotta have a certain amount of time alone each day or I flip).

Majandra – Working with Tony Danza: He was just the nicest most polite and fun man to work with ever. He was honestly like a dad to me in such a short period of time. As for my boyfriend-well wouldn’t you just love to know…but I do need to have time alone and sometimes I need to not have a boyfriend so go figure.

U.F.OhBaby- What are your pet peeves? What is your favorite type of role to play?

Majandra – Pet Peeve and Role to play: My pet peeve is little actor boys. They tend to sleep there way to the top over here in hollywood. I had one guy that dumped me when his movie was released and then it bombed so the next day he asked me back out again. Gross. A role I’d love to play is Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride.

AFLP- And if you could have lunch with any one person:Living or Dead(Or one alive and one deceased.) Who would it be?and why?(God is that the ultimate dork question or what? Do you have a favorite song off of your album?It’s kinda of a silly question as I’m sure they all mean something to you,but is there a single song in particular that you’re just excited with the way it turned out?

Majandra – Lunch: I would have lunch with John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, and Jesus. Because I love John Lennon and have many similarities with Kurt Cobain. Jesus because…must I explain? My Favorite song on my CD would have to be “Oil and Water” -it really sums up how I felt then with the melodies and lyrics.

mikeluvmaria- how did you get started in screen work, or did you do any stage work at all? i have been doing stage work since i was 9 and i went to the orange county high school for the arts last year, and now i’m 17 and in the limbo stage in my acting. and now i want to do screen work, i already have a management company and an agency..so any advice??? huh??and i know i just have to keep auditioning…it sucks though cuz everything i audition for they say i look too young..and when i put lots of makeup on to make myself look older, i kind of look like a 10 year old whore. its quite sad, but really…help would be greatly appreciated.

Majandra – ScreenWork: I started by going to a local talent agency in Miami and went out on a million commercial auditions and was told terrible things about myself and my looks and then I actually booked something and they started being

MariaForever- What do you think of our campaign for more Maria screentime? Are you glad that we’re saying something, or would you rather that we left it be? I thought it might be nice to get your permission first. It’s up to you.

Majandra – The Maria Campaign: I have never been more flattered before in my life. Once again a big thank you to everyone who spoke about doing that

Vanejasonlover- i heard somewhere that ur a nin(nine inch nails) fan,if u r U ROCK EVEN more,nin r awesome and if u r a fan what’s ur fave song(s) from them?

Majandra – NIN: I do in fact love NIN. My favorite song would have to be “something I could never have” but thats just this week probably.

Lot_53- What is the best place for you to write songs? When you have a hard day, what make you feel better??

Majandra – Song Writting: I write my songs mostly on my bed but the lyrics are written everywhere. Napkins, call sheets, journals, hotel pads. When I have a hard day I like to bitch about it on paper.

Max+liz4ever- Majandra i just hav one question, could you tel us what you think of each of you co workers?? i always wanted to know what kind of relationships you all have?

Majandra – Co-workers: I think Shiri is a lot of fun. Katie and Jason are cool. Brendan is sarcstic and funny to me. I love Nick, he is the sweetest most gentle boy. Adam is really charming and witty.

MikeyGBitMe- Ok Majandra, If you could be one animal, What would you be and why???

Majandra – Animal: I would be a Dolphin.

Charisma_2000- Have there been any experiences that a fan has scared the **** out of you, if so what was about? What are your pet peeves?

Majandra – Fans: Theres been alot of wierd things, too strange to give them credit.

Nora- Which scene has been the hardest for you to film so far in your acting career? Which scene has been the most enjoyable to film? What does your trailer look like on the inside? How much time do you spend in it?

Majandra – Scenes: Hardest scene to film was the one where I broke down to Alex about Micheal cheating on me. Most enjoyable scene was…hmm one doesnt stand out from the other. My trailer is very normal inside. Its the size of a laarge bathroom or closet and it has some bahtik material strewn on the built in couch and some pillows cuz I tend to be sleepy. We can spend lots of time in there some days and none on others.

Latingirl73- You are a bilingual person, I just wondering, when you are with your mother, your sister or your father, do you speak in Spanish or English? And when you dream or think, you do it in English or Spanish?

Majandra – Spanish: I speak spanish with the family from time to time. Mostly with the maid and stuff and always with my father in venezuela. Me, my mom and my sis will break out into it when where in public and there are no latins around (talking sh!t of course)-oh yes we dont swear on FF, oops. Well I couldnt really come up with another term in this uneducated mind of mine.

TeflonCandygirl- I’m really curious to know this one. In Bruises, there’s a like really low, in the background part towards the middle/end of the song where you’re like talking. I can’t make out what you say and I’m really curious as to know what it is? Has there ever been a fan that has really touched you in a way? Someone that has just made you so happy that you’re in the business doing what you do?

Majandra – Bruises: I dont remember what was said in the background of bruises. There has definitely been a number of fans that have touched me in a very deep way. Most of all to see people who respond to my songs and say it does something for them. I just know that music has kept me from ending it all at times so its good to see it to do that for others as well sometimes.

LilCandyGirl- Who/what has been inspirational to you and how has it/they affected your life?

Majandra – Inspiration: Alot of people have been inspirational to me. Most of all my tutors. I had this one studio tutor Firoozeh who taught me to embrace my talent at math and science while accomplishing anyother dream I had in mind. Then there’s Cindy Forsyth who was practically my second mother growing up who tutored me and my sister and baby sat us while my parents where busy or whatever. It turned out being an everyday deal and she had nothing but positive and strong examples for us.

Mrs. George Eads- What’s your favorite lip gloss color?

Majandra – Lip Gloss: I am gonna have to go with Baby Doll by Nars.

Baby Dawl- Which is your favorite scene and/or episode that you’ve filmed with Shiri during either season 1-2?

Majandra – Fav ep or scene with Shiri: Every single one of them have been a blast of their own.

conhosh- Do you have a passion for art as well? It seems that I always have. Painting and drawing has always been a major part of who I am. I luv to write as well, but art is my true love.

Majandra – Painting: Yes I paint very much, in fact my CD features paintings of mine for every song.

ericag1- would you consider doing broadway plays or musicals?

Majandra – Broadway: I would love to be Kim in Miss saigon or Kristeen in The Phantom, but its one of those childhood things of course.

JoshuaGallagher- What was the first song you´ve ever heard? dyou remember?, dyou like Oasis? or british music?, wich 3 songs would you include first in your life´s soundtrack?, what was the last CD you bought?

Majandra – First Song: I am sure it was some bad menudo song in venezuela, but to my recollection I was a big fan of Electric Avenue when I was around 2 or 3. I love Portishead and they are british, Massive Attack, the beatles, it goes on. First 3 songs in my life soundtrack: On and On by Erykah Badu, Black No 1 by Type-0-negative (tee hee) and Across the Universe by the Beatles

Elizajoey- What is the cover of ure CD gonna be?

Majandra – The Cover of my CD: Its on www.majandra.com

china doll- Which Roswell episode have you enjoyed doing the most?

Majandra – Fav Roswell Ep: Summer of 1947

RoswellRules90- Majandra how do you feel about the terrorist attack?

Majandra – Terrorist Attack: I posted on that board all about that.

*Monnie*- Do you have a favorite disney movie? You have such beautiful hair. Do you use anything special to keep it so shiny and straight?

Majandra – Fav Disney Movie: Sleeping Beauty

+*LiTtLe^^pReTtY*+- If could could perform one cover song in concert – which one would u pick?? what would be your dream tour line-up??

Majandra – Cover song: I would pick Northern Lad by Tori Amos

TheCreekFreak- Did you go to the Cushman School in Miami? (My best friend went there and she showed me the pic of Samantha Gibbs little bro in her yearbook so i’m guessing she went there too as well as you???) What was your first kiss like? (I like hearing first kiss stories because mine is hysterical…I won’t get into it though…

Majandra – Cushman: Samantha Gibb does not have a little brother. Its probably a cousin or something. I didnt go there, I went to a really tough private school called Ransom Everglades. My first kiss was in truth or dare and I was 14 and it was gross. I remember thinking how he tasted like nothing.

*Just Jen*- Hey Majandra, I was wondering if you celebrate any Cuban traditions? (Sorry if that was already asked).

Majandra – Cuban traditions: There pretty much the same as Venezuelan traditions. So yes, I do. My christmases are very latin and the food is latin and so is the setting and beliefs. Very Catholic, very family orientated.

Jezzabell- Hey, I like your style, I was wondering where you like to shop?

Majandra – My Style: I am very random. I just buy what I like and wear it. I like to shop at Club Monaco and Vintage stores and JCrew and boutiques.

CherryPixie- I was wondering: How does Brendan call you??I mean you´ve got soo many nicknames.

Majandra – Brendan Calls Me: He calls me Mo.

TheAngelsChild- How does it make you feel when you have so many people either backing you up or critizing you for something you’ve said or done?

Majandra – People talking about me: It makes me learn how to not pay attention better and better wach day. If its someone I respect however, then I pay attention.

sparklymoon- Majandra do you wear glasses? I have to read some to read. If you do do you have to wear them all the time or just for reading?

Majandra – Glasses: I used to be almost blind then I got that crazy laser thing that will probably make me blind in 10 years. Oh well, I can see good today though.

Postman- I was just wondering where did you get your spark to start sing and writing songs??

Majandra – Spark to Sing: It was free therapy and fun to song along to.

*BoOtYliCiOuS*- Did you have a big 15th birthday? it’s call something like quience de anos or something like that, i’m not sure if that is the formal name for the big thing or not.

Majandra – My Quince: I didnt get to have one cuz I was filming Zues and Roxanne but my father bought me a boat so I was cool with that.

I Love Monkeys- If it ever happened, would you dance on Roswell? I don’t know how the writers would ever work that in but if they somehow did, would dance?

Majandra – Dance on Roswell: I would definitely dance classical ballet on Roswell, yes, nothing else though.

ericag1- if you decided that you wouldnt be an actress anymore.. what other occupation would you do?

Majandra – Acting: I would be a singer girl! I am actually just doing this so I can pay for the good stuff.

JonnyQuestRocks- Did you ever cause this much contraversy as a child?

Majandra – Contraversial Child: Yeah, growing up I was kinda one of those kids that had lot of good stuff going on in my life and with my family so there where dumb people then too who would make stuff up and want attention taken away from me. I was bright enough to realize what they were doing and why. I really didnt care then either, it just made me sad to see such pathetic jealous people, such as I sometimes tend to see today as well. What can you do? But yeah if telling them that they are on crack for being so silly is contraversial, call me the contraversial child then