Zap2it: Growing Phlox (Roswell Mentions)

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From a article:

Growing Phlox
Mon, Oct 29, 2001 01:41 PM PDT
by Kate O’Hare

From an interview with Enterprise actor John Billingsley

‘Those who may not know what Billingsley looks like without Phlox’s facial
bumps and contact lenses will get a chance to find out on Tuesday, Oct. 30,
when he makes a cameo appearance in a crossover episode of fellow UPN SF
series “Roswell.” In that episode, called “Secrets & Lies,” teen-alien Max
(Jason Behr), through a strange set of circumstances, finds himself
auditioning for a role on “Enterprise.”

The scene is very short, so Billingsley wasn’t on the “Roswell” set long.
But he did get a chance to chat with Behr, who spent the summer filming
“Shipping News,” with Kevin Spacey.

“I love Annie Proulx,” says Billingsley of the author on whose book the
movie is based. “It never occurred to me to ask, ‘How the hell is it working
with Kevin Spacey?’ I just immediately wanted to talk about the books. She’s
such a grand writer.”

In particular, he wanted to talk about Proulx’s latest anthology, “Close
Range: Wyoming Stories.” “She has this wonderful story, and I wanted to tell
him about it, because I thought he might be right for it. Two young guys,
who are the consummate Western loners, go off in the woods, not suspecting
that it’s anything but an extended summer job, monitoring the sheep in the
far country. They fall in love. It’s a great juxtaposition of a cowboy story
and a gay love story. It’s brilliant.”

As to Behr’s reaction at being told that he would be great in a movie
version of this, Billingsley laughs and says, “I think he started to edge
away from me at a certain point, but that happens to me all the time in my