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Brendan Fehr – DON’T FENCE ME IN

Thanks Mr. Manager for transcribing and sending this in

From The Vancouver Sun, Sat., Dec. 8th, 2001:


Canadian actor Brendan Fehr says that when his sci-fi series Roswell stops production, he’ll never sign up for another TV series again.

“I’d do guest-stars,” he told, “I’d do recurring – three, or four, or maybe six-episode deals. I would never say ‘never’ actually, but no, this would be my last stint in TV and after this I would either do movies or go poor.”

The sci-fi drama, which moved to UPN this year after the WB cancelled the series, is “a little too steady,” continues Fehr.

“In terms of the character and the people you work with, even though they’re all really great, I kind of want something more nomadic – which would be movies. After this show ends and three years of unemployment, I might be thinking differently.”

And it look like Fehr’s career in features is heating up. His film The Forsaken was a minor hit for Sony Pictures, bringing in close to $30 million, including video and overseas sales.

Rumours on the Internet say that Australian writer/director George Miller has finished the script for Mad Max 4 and is talking about Fehr for the lead with Mel Gibson in a supporting role. (Fehr says he hasn’t yet been approached for the role.)

Fehr’s latest movie, Edge of Madness (formerly Wilderness Station), will be released next spring – so far, they say, test audiences have loved it.

Fehr arrives in town next week to star in a small but sassy feature short.