Brendan Fehr

“Brotherhood” Broadcast – 95th Anniversary

The Canadian Super Channel is going to broadcast “Brotherhood” tonight, July 20 at 7:15 PM, to honor the 95th anniversary of the survival event. The movie by Richard Bell, is airing in August and September on the channel, as well.

Brendan Fehr plays Robert Butcher in the movie which is based on a true story that follows a band of teenage boys as their time at Long Point Camp becomes a fight for survival following a freak summer storm that threatens to overturn their canoe.

Watch on Super Channel on this additional dates:


Aug 01 @ 9:00AM
Aug 01 @ 4:00PM
Aug 23 @ 9:30AM
Aug 23 @ 3:45PM
Sep 16 @ 2:20PM
Sep 22 @ 8:20AM
Sep 22 @ 4:35PM

Please visit‘s page for the movie for more airing dates.

You can stream or buy digitally, as well. Please check the official website for news and updates.

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