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Colin and Jason on the Radio Monday In Texas

I apologize for the fiasco last Sunday–please don’t email and ask what it was though. I think my computer is a little stable right now to allow me to post some news– (both computers in my house have decided to go on strike and haven’t allowed anyone on in the past week–I’ve had to rely on Kinko’s for a while to get online). Also special thank yous to those who sent me birthday wishes last Saturday :)

Thanks to Christina for this–I’m not sure what radio station Colin and Jason will be on unfortunately.

Hey – I just heard this from my radio station! ALL DALLAS/FT. WORTH FANS LISTEN UP!!

Colin Hanks and Schyler Fisk will be in the studio to chat about their new movie “Orange County.”

Victoria Snee, from the WB33 News at Nine, will join us for our weekly entertainment report.

We’ll play another round of Monday at the Movies!

And we’ll chat with Jason Behr from the new movie “The Shipping News.”

Yeah!! I can’t wait!!