Roswell Dido, Coldplay Lead ‘Roswell’ Soundtrack

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Dido, Coldplay Lead ‘Roswell’ Soundtrack

The soundtrack to the UPN TV series “Roswell,” featuring the likes of Dido, Coldplay, Travis, and Zero 7, will see release Feb. 26 from Nettwerk America. The disc will also include songs by the Doves, Ash, and Coldplay that have not yet seen North American release, as well as previously unreleased remixes of songs by Ivy, Dido, and Sarah McLachlan.

The soundtrack’s first single will be Sense Field’s “Save Yourself,” also the first single from the group’s latest Nettwerk album “Tonight and Forever.” A video featuring actors from “Roswell” will be filmed in early January, and Sense Field will also perform the song in an upcoming episode.

Dido is the soundtrack’s only double contributor, as “Here With Me,” the show’s theme, appears in its original version as well as a remix previously unavailable in North America. Coldplay turns in “Brothers and Sisters,” the group’s initial U.K. single, which preceded the worldwide release of its debut album, “Parachutes.” Likewise, Ash contributes “Shining Light,” from the Irish quartet’s Infectious 2001 release “Free All Angels,” which has yet to hit North American shelves.

The album will also feature enhanced features such as computer wallpaper, interactive character maps, and screensavers.

Here is the full track listing for the “Roswell” soundtrack:

Dido, “Here With Me”
Sense Field, “Save Yourself”
Ivy, “Edge of the Ocean” (Duotone mix)
Coldplay, “Brothers and Sisters”
Ash, “Shining Light”
Sarah McLachlan, “Fear” (Hybrid’s Super Collider mix)
Zero 7, “Destiny”
Travis, “More Than Us”
Sheryl Crow, “I Shall Believe”
Doves, “Blackbird”
Stereophonics, “Have a Nice Day”
Dido, “Here With Me” (Chillin’ w/the Family mix)