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SciFi Wire: Behr Bears Roswell

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From scifi.com:

Behr Bears Roswell

Roswell star Jason Behr told SCI FI Wire he’s got
mixed feelings about the show and its fate–a fate
that remains uncertain as UPN considers whether or not
to move forward with an additional nine episode of the
SF series to complete a full 22-episode third season.
“Roswell is what helped me get to this point right
now,” Behr said in an interview, referring to the fact
that he’s attained status enough to share the screen
with Julianne Moore, Kevin Spacey and Scott Glenn in
the upcoming film The Shipping News. “I think the
character [of Max Evans] was someone who helped me
hone my craft. I’ve learned so much from Roswell, from
working [steadily] to trying to develop a character to
just the logistics of it. I wouldn’t take that away
for anything.”

On the other hand? “When we first started this, it
wasn’t a job–it was fun,” Behr said. “It was showing
up today, working with friends and telling a good
story. I felt really positive about everything. I told
myself the moment it becomes a job, when it becomes
work, it’s not worth it anymore for me. There are days
[now] when I walk on that set, and I laugh so hard and
have such a great time. But there are days when it is
work. It can be hard.”

If the powers that be cancel Roswell, effective with
episode 13, Behr said that hour could be altered to
close out the show, as series creator/executive
producer Jason Katims has yet to provide the script to
his cast. Regardless of whether Roswell ends with
episode 13 or episode 22 or even continues for another
season, how would Behr like to see Max’s arc wrapped
up? “I don’t know,” he replied. “Max dies or,
ultimately, I think he would probably stay on Earth.”
And what about his son? “I would hope he would find
him,” the actor said. “I would hope so, because he’s
been working so hard to be that responsible person and
live up to his responsibilities. Even though they
might be mistakes, he’s not trying to run away from
them. So I’d hope they’d give him that sort of
closure.” Roswell airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT Tuesdays on